Baden-Baden, Germany

Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden

April 23, 2018

[Laurette Maillet]

Comments by Laurette Maillet

Baden Baden 23th of April. At the camp site in Nuremberg I had the bad
idea of washing my clothes. As it starts raining I have to pack the wet
clothes. Benjamin drives to Bull , to another camp site. The rain doesn't
stop until we reach Baden Baden. I will finaly dry my clothes in the
dryer. I was fearing this one concert since the beginning. I almost
cancelled it. But I'm happy to be with Ben and even if I donít get
inside, it is fine, I will enjoy myself anyway. The venue is one of those
Opera theater, with limited capacity and high prized tickets. The
experience of Spain has still a bitter taste. We check the Beat the street
buses in the afternoon. There is a black curtain around Bobby's bus. No
way to see even a hoodie! Oh well! We walk inside Baden Baden. Bump into
Bobcats, here and there. Ben has a ticket, he bought in advance. I still
need one. Hard! Extra tickets are sold for facevalue. One man proposes one
for 170Ä. Way too much. Do you believe in miracle? One guy approaches
me. He's got a ticket in his hand but also a stack of 50Ä bills. He
hands me a bill. Stupidly I say "it's a ticket I need". He says "I have no
ticket but how can I help you?" And hands the bill again. This time my
brain is functioning and I believe that yes, that could be useful to buy a
ticket. I put the bill in my pocket. Few minutes later the previous man
comes around. I ask if he sold his ticket. "No" he says. I say "I can
offer you 50" ."ok" he says. Cool! We walk in and I find myself in a
lodge, on the left of the stage. Splendid Theater, beautiful Samaritan who
happens to know the songs on the setlist!? I have a "snobish" time,
playing the Madonna. No loud clapping, no singing, no wild movement. The
show is exactly the same but looks so much sofisticated. The public is
quiet and little sound is heard from the audiance. Weird! Why Baden Baden?
Bobby needed a Spa? I join Ben and we ride to the camping next to a lake.
Good night Bobby! Cordialement Mme Maillet


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