Genoa, Italy

RDS Stadium Arena

April 25, 2018

[Enrico], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Enrico

Back to Genova, where Bob played only once before, an eon ago in 1992.
Small arena, about four thousand lucky souls for a very good performance.
The set list was about the same as in the other dates of this European
tour, no surprises. Bob sat at the piano for most of the show, possibly a
sign of age. Only a handful of songs sang standing, no instrument in his
hands. Don't think twice it's all right and especially Desolation row were
outstanding, very good and heartfelt Love Sick, but what I appreciated the
most was Melancholy Mood, a small and short jewel. Only small
disappointment was Tangled Up in Blue, I only recognized it when it was
almost finished, did not like the arrangement at all, but one cannot have

The band is very good, great sound to support the greatest of the great.
Bob did not utter a single word, he came, sang and went. But no need for
words, his music says it all.

Given Bob's age, I believe this might have been his last live show for me,
but there's still hope for more. Thanks Mr. Bob!

Enrico from Genova


Comments by Laurette Maillet

Last leg of the Tour. 3 Italian shows. Genoa 25th of April. To reach Genoa
I have a full day and night and I will use it. Benjamin drives me to
Strasbourg where I wait all day for a night Flixbus to Zurich. Droped in
the midlle of the night , few folks are waiting in the cold for a late
Flixbus to Genoa. I am one! Finaly warm inside I fall asleep until 9 a.m.
It takes me half hour, a coffee and cookies to figure out where I am.
Desorientation is commun thing on the road. I walk but my suitcase is a
burden so I decide for a tourist "shit" : a 'hop on and hop off'. It kills
some time and ...15euros. I crazily starts walking towards the venue.
Google Map says 20 minutes. Google Map is a lyer. It takes me one hour and
a half! My Desorientation skill should be knowned in my profile! I wait
for Stefano, another Good Good Samaritan, to put my suitcase in his car.
The venue is an Arena in a crowded commercial area. I don't understand how
people can eat and drink so much! Stefano arrives with Lucio and I am
lifted of a burden. Ben is back home and I feel so lonely, like a fool,
with my sign, "begging" for a ticket again. I give up after 2 hours. Too
much pression, too much fatigue. I feel like a monkey. Suddenly my brain
function. I have with me tickets from previous shows. For the last shows I
remember they didn't scan but tired up the paper ticket. I take my chance
and walk in with the ticket from....Nuremberg, almost brand new. The usher
reads it (in German) but says ok, tirs it up and IN I am. Where? Who
cares? I stand for half part of the show when a security guy asks me to
seat down. I don't enjoy myself as before but I am glad to be in. An
average show for me but I am sure spectacular for some! I walk out to join
Stefano and Lucio for a ride to Bergamo. Next is Lido de Jesolo. I am sure
Bobby and the Band are riding there tonight. Nigh, night Bobby!
Cordialement Mme Maillet


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