Pamplona, Spain

Navarra Arena

April 25, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Pamplona. A long trip on bus from Milan through the south of France took 
me to San Sebastian then Pamplona. Alfredo is waiting for me to hand me 
the key of his apartment and put me on the bus 18. I got lost in the few 
meters around his building! But then all is fine. I have my private room and
bathroom. It is early on the 25th but the weather is overcast and dark. It
is almost snowing out. I decide to stay home and rest. I just make a rush
to the supermarket for food. Alfredo arrives by 6.30 pm. He cooks me a
Spanish omelette and a we chat around a glass of wine. He tells me his
life. I tell him my adventure with Bobby. Time for an early night.26th.The
sun is back. I decide to walk the 1 hour walk to the center city. I enjoy
the leisuring morning and I find a public library to book and print my bus
ticket to Bilbao. Cool! I then walk to the venue Navarra Arena. It is a huge
place in the middle of nowhere. I was expecting to find a super market. 
I bump into a Bob Dylan T-shirt guy.He decides to give me a ride
to the gigantic shopping area 10 minutes away. I realise later
that I do know that Bobcat from Facebook: Gabriel from Dylan Art. I wait
for Bobby's bus to arrive for the sound check, as I have nothing else to
do. Bob arrives first but wait for the musicians to step out of the bus,
walking next to George to be incognito. He is wearing a tight Jeans , his
same blue/green hoodie and his leather jacket on top. 45 minutes later he
is moving back to his bus surrounded by his 2 bodies and 4 more security
guys are watching the....3 fans still hanging around! A bit of paranoia?
The time is passing slowly.The show will be at 9 pm. All the shows will be
at 9pm in Spain. I take my sign out. No much luck except a young guy who 
has a ticket for sell but doesn't trully promote it. 15 minutes before show 
time we star bargaining the price. I end up paying 20. It is a good seat 
in a huge venue.Alexandro is in his 20's from Equator. A Dylan fan of "
Nashville skyline"The young girl next to me, on my left,is also 
a Fan but during that show she will get 5 gin tonic! I find the 
audience relatively cold. No much reaction on any song. Except a
drunk on my left spiting I don't know what. Same powerful set list.The
public doesn't really demand an Encore (they don't understand it is the
end?) so Bob and the Band leave the stage before coming back for BITW.
I chat with Alexandro and Myriam who decides to give me a ride back
home. Thanks as it would have been 1 hour walk. We promise to keep in 
touch through email. Nice young fans. I enjoy their company.
Next trip to Bilbao.


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