Greenville, South, Carolina

Peace Center
Peace Concert Hall

April 26, 2015

[James Mahoney]

Review by James Mahoney

"Well, "Autumn Leaves" seems to be in the Endless Setlist, for now, 
and this setlist will be endless until it isn't.  I waited to write to see if
the song stayed, since it's one of Bob Dylan's most elegant (that word)
performances - and he's in voice now, no question.  People have been
writing PhD theses on Dylan for years, as they do with Shakespeare, and
neither of these creative people were at all predictable, so what's ahead
with Bob Dylan, no matter how many "Dylanologists" there are around, is,
as David Lynch says, God's own private mystery.

Bu it's clear that what Bob's performed songs, in the Setlist, are more
obviously about are autumn leaves, rather than good times, or hope.  And
that maybe we should listen more carefully?   Like, listening to his songs
as complex artworks, not just Entertainment by our Best Guy, Bobby.  
Greil Marcus has said that "I'm Not There" was the saddest song ever
written.   By then.  Listen to "Forgetful Heart."  And Bob Dylan's always,
throughout his whole work, most of the time blessed the world, as he ends
his sets, and Dylan's not an atheist, on any level. " 


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