Gijon, Spain

Sports Palace President Adolfo Suarez

April 28, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Gijon.I arrive with ALSA bus early morning.Alberto and his girl friend(my
CS hosts) are nice enough to let me in their home so early on a Saturday
morning.We have a warm cup of tea and chat a little , waiting for the
weather to warm up.Then the 3 of us go for a walk along the beach, have
lunch in a special restaurant and walk back home for a nap. It is 9 pm
when I wake up.Just time for a snack of cheeses and wine , listening to
some music and we all go to bed.I sleep 7 hours straight untill next
morning, which is unusual for me on the road.Gijon day. 28th of
April.Alberto has to go to vote in another city.Tanya and I decide to go
to a market place nearby.It happens to be right next to the venue.The
trucks and buses are already there.Back home for a snack of bread and
cheese and olives.Then we split:Tanya and Alberto stay home, I go for a
long walk.There is a museum next to the venue. An open air old houses
village.I walk in and find that they have a Band on stage; electric
guitar, acoustic guitar, standing bass, banjo and a Lady singing and drumming 
a little drum. A pre-show. Cool.I also buy myself the famous "sidra", a
sort of cider. It makes me tipsy and I fall asleep on the grass.In the
afternoon Bob and this Band arrived. I said hello to George who is always
in a good mood.Bobby's bus is heavely protected by fences. The paparazzi
won't reach him!By 7 pm fans start piling around the entrance of the
sport arena.Capacity 4000 to 5000.To find a ticket will not be easy.I
have to negotiate but in vain.Some people walk inside with extra tickets
they don't even want to sell for 10. Weird!Finaly 2 Ladies accept to
let me in with them. The tickets are on their telephone.They say that
they were in Dusseldorf the year previously to see Bob.I say that I have
seen him too there on that Tour.The night is not dark yet when Bob take
the stage; dressed in black with a white shirt. I had the impression that
he had a hair cut.The sound is not the best, a little muffled.My
view is not the best either and the seats are so tight that I touch my
heavy neighbour at times.No chance to dance. Just to tap my feet.He will
do Dignity again. Which I love. He puts a lot of feelings in it."Dignity
could never be photographed"The public warms up on LARS.Bob starts "love
sick" center stage then finishes on the piano.I feel a little sleepy on
"make you feel my love". I had a long day and the public is not the most
enthusiastic. Polite. Too polite.A lot of them are not familiar with the
English language, not even my 2 Good Samaritans.George didn't do his
full solo on " Thunder"."Don't think twice" tonight is boring (for
me).Even if Bob is trying a new phraseology.They leave the stage before
BITW.Right after the song Bob walks center stage, pose and I have the
feeling he wants to bow. But Tony says something and he moves to the
piano for the final. Did he forget he had another song?For the real
final Bob will put his fingers to his mouth as if he wants to give a
kiss, but he will stop with his fingers to his mouth, not sending that
kiss.Then the bow.I had a wonderful time in Gijon making it for the bad
time in Bilbao.Thank you Bobby, the Band, the crew people.Thank you my
hosts.Thank you Ladies for the tix. See you in Santiago de Compostela.


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