Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville Civic Center
May 1, 2001

[Mary Jorens]

Review by Mary Jorens

In 1965 I went to my first Bob Dylan concert.  I was 16 years old and he
was performing at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada, the city where I was
born.  It was a wonderful concert with hair-raising moments after he
appeared in the second half with his electric guitar.   But he stood fast
and played on courageously.  It was awe-inspiring.  I felt that awe again
at last night's performance in Asheville.  It was the best I've ever
experienced of the many Dylan concerts I've attended over the years.  My
heart is still pounding at noon the following day.   Visions of Johanna,
All Along the Watchtower, Wicked Messenger, Highway 61, all were
incredible!  Looking for a Soldier's Grave was done with such tenderness
that it can't be described.  A gem.  Vintage Bobby.  He played with energy
for 2 and a half hours.  It's difficult to believe he'll be celebrating
his 60th birthday in just a few days.  He is a truly great artist of the
likes we'll never see again.  Live long and well, Bob.  And thanks!  Many,
many thanks, for the music and the memories.  Come back to the Carolinas

Mary Jorens
Lenoir, North Carolina


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