Thackerville, Oklahoma

WinStar World Casino and Resort
Global Event Center

May 2, 2015

[Barry McCollom]

Review by Barry McCollom

Drove up from Dallas to the Casino on Kentucky Derby Day. The Red River was
really churning from the recent rains.  "It was on the Northern Border of Texas
where I crossed the line."  A huge casino with the slot machines constantly
humming while blackjack dealers sit waiting for a game is a great backdrop to
see Bob.  The gong and guitar intro was new since I had seen Bob with Mark
Knopler last time. Nice touch. Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin
to quote the Lizard King. I had never heard "Forgetful Heart" live. You could
hear a pin drop! Guess what? "Autumn Leaves" sounded just like the album!
Seriously, the phrasing is so poignang on both of these two songs. Overall I 
loved the concert! The couple next to me and a few other people were trying
to follow the lyrics on their smart phone all night. Too bad they "missed" a great
show. Thanks to everybody for sharing their impressions of the show in each
town. "May god bless and keep you always!"


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