Bournemouth, England

Bournemouth International Centre

May 4, 2017

[Graham Cole], [Mike O'Neill]

Review by Graham Cole

Tangled Up in Bournemouth

I spent a lot of the day with my mind some thirty miles along the coast, in 
Bournemouth, before we headed down there with excited anticipation for 
the show at the BIC tonight.  What would Bob and the band be doing today 
before strolling onstage at the appointed hour?  Where did they stay last
night? I guess a decent hotel somewhere, or maybe those huge Beat to the 
Street buses can match a 5-star any night.  Maybe I shouldn't even have 
been wondering that kind of thing, who knows?  And during the day, they 
surely have to do the things that all we mortals do, eat, drink, wash, and all 
the other day to day stuff, and at least in the band members' case, maybe 
a stroll around town (I recall seeing Tony on the seafront in Bournemouth 
many moons ago, Charlie walking past us in a café in Nimes in 2012).  Then
head off to the venue ready to do the soundcheck.  And how did that go? 
Some joshing around,  maybe chatting about this and that, and deciding if 
To Ramona should make it to slot two rather than TTTAaC.

And us?  Well a bit of shopping, going to the bank, deciding what to wear, 
the usual day to day stuff as before … except today was different.  We had 
this evening to look forward to at the end of a grey and chilly May day.  
7 o'clock doors open and 8 p.m. show start it said on the tickets, and what 
about the queueing if it's all seated?  Last times here it was the rush to the 
barrier once the doors opened, so early in the line and seeing old friends 
again, very much a part of any Bob show.  Now, he's older, we're older, and 
we have seats, good ones too (thank you John), so do we get there early 
anyway in the hope of seeing George and his Dad Mark from Worthing, 
Tony down from Glasgow possibly, and others, not to mention a tiny 
glimpse of the hooded one as he moves the short walk from tour bus to 
stage entrance?

Yes, we had the pleasure of seeing George (happy birthday again) and Mark,
and rueing together that sitting down means there is less chance of meeting
new as well as old friends before going in.  But it still happens, and meeting 
and chatting with FB friend Peter Cooper was great.  But, then, at 8 p.m. 
on the dot and as the house lights dim Stu's lovely instrumental breaks into 
the suddenly darkened theatre (does anyone know if it has title?) as the
band and Bob quietly stroll to their usual places onstage to a huge roar of 
approval.  Bob has on a dark suit, white boots, maybe a light blue shirt with 
a neckerchief, and topped by a white hat with dark band.  Not much has 
changed so far, but from here on in it will, 110 minutes of a fabulous show, 
with three highlights in particular for my gradually failing ears, and some 
spectacularly revived vocal work from Bob.  The new old stuff I like a great 
deal, even if Loraine thinks they are too chintzy, yet happily short and 
sweet! and Donnie's pedal steel worked wonders on several of them 
tonight, and then even more so on his own exquisite Long and Wasted 
Years, for me one of Bob's finest songs.  Love Sick was strong, I really had 
the feeling he meant every word he was singing, and from Tempest Pay in 
Blood, but none of my own, was dark and dirty.  And yes, maybe Bob wabts 
to be as much a part of the "great American songbook" tradition.  But, and I 
make no apology for the fact they are three songs from his early works, head 
and shoulders above everything else tonight stoodd Tangled Up In Blue and 
Desolation Row.  The former, with its country-ish arrangement was 
spine-tingling for me, and I felt he really did justice to the incredible song 
that is Desolation Row.  May Ziade, I think you'd have loved it.  Oh and yes, 
you'll know from the setlist that they decided on a beautiful To Ramona.  
It was lovely, sung with the same tenderness in his now voice as it had in his 
then voice those years ago.  It has been a great day and an even finer 
evening for Loraine and me.  Thank you yet again to Bob and the band, 
we loved it.  We'll see you again somewhere, somewhen.	

Graham Cole


Review by Mike O'Neill

We've been to several Dylan concerts this last 10 years being life
long fans. This was the best yet his voice was strong the band were superb
but having said that if you didn't know the songs you could not make out
the words! He as usual altered the melodies and timings leaving you
wondering which song it was till you picked up on the chorus. The Sinatra
songs actually came over best the band played quietly and Bobs words were
recognisable the rest of his own songs weren't good, the band were to loud
Bob was screeching his words out just left you wishing the band wasn't
there accept for maybe an acoustic guitar and Bob wouldn't have to
screech! We spoke to a couple before the gig who also were life long fans
but had not seen him live, they were really looking forward to seeing him.
We saw them after the gig, they weren't happy actually saying he would put
his record collection on eBay or just bin them! They weren't the only ones
after hearing comments whilst queuing to leave. Just makes you wonder how
he manages to fill the venues, that's definitely our last time especially
with him singing old covers, he got the Nobel prize for his words and
those are what you want to hear, "clearly". 

Lancashire UK


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