Fuengirola, Spain

Marenostrum Music Castle Park

May 4, 2019

[Ricardo Danko], [Masaki Minonishi], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Ricardo Danko

Looking out to Sea this afternoon, from the end of the slope of Sohail
Castle, you see a large black canvas on a stage set ready for a desired
visit: *Bob Dylan *with His Band, live, in person, in a sensational event:
show & concert !! So said the few posters stuck around Fuengirola
(Málaga). The beach is just behind, on the other side of the seafront,
with their bodies in the sun and the Mediterranean whispering. The
atmosphere is relaxed, with people of many nationalities who come to the
concert almost walking from home, yes; It’s the Costa del Sol, the
habitual residence of many European pensioners who do not want to miss
this occasion: they are half of the respectful public today on Saturday.
And the enclosure is well conditioned, without stress, without stridency,
in full sunlight.

He presides from the same stage, almost on his back on one side, barely
three meters from Bob's piano, an enigmatic white woman's bust on a column
of Ionic appearance. Like the attending spectators, that woman will not be
able to take pictures or record the concert, …and better not to talk.

At quarter past nine, the first chords of "*Things Have Changed*", sound
clearly and sharpness from the beginning. And you can see how everything
begins to rotate with precision around a legendary star that continues in
shape to where its sandy voice arrives, and who plays the piano at his own
pace while releasing many of the verses that earned him the Nobel or
skillfully blows his harmonica

It has not been easy until a week ago to hear live one of the jewels of
this tour, "*Dignity*". On the other hand, he keeps repeating the surf
tone of his review of "*Honest With Me*". And it's in "*Scarlet Town*"
when he first steps out to the middle of the stage, standing with her
baggy, raw-colored jacket and white booties, posing with her left hand on
her hip shortly before turning again to the piano, twisting his repertoire
every night, stopping stanzas and starting in an unpredictable and wise
way. Drink once again something of blues for "*Early Roman King*" before
reaching the most delicate point of the (already) night with a beautiful
version, the solo piano and the harmonica, "*Dont Think Twice, It's
Alright*", and return to rock for "*Thunder On The Mountain*".
Accelerating to the entrance in the final straight, where they appear
"*Soon After Midnight*", which floats over the chords of the American
classic "*Blue Moon*", and finally "*Gotta Serve Somebody*" that sails
with energy, until he returns with graceful steps to the center,
uninhibited, to receive their applause again posing a few seconds.

In the expected encores, he raises for the millionth time that the answer
is blowin’ in the wind; and the popular choir makes few palms here... to
be in flamenco land. A rhythm of white blues "*It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It
Takes A Train To Cry*" closes the event: Dylan goes one last time to the
center to say goodbye, leaving the stage with a little dance, maybe he’s
happy. One more night, he has already walked here in front of everyone
like a rolling stone to follow his path. "The dog barks, but the caravan
passes". It Ain't Me, Babe… is Bob.

Ricardo Danko


Review by Masaki Minonishi

Nice open air stage was built in the park facing the castle, and carrying
a beautiful beach on the back. Got a 2nd row dead center seat, and a
gentle breeze was blowing, things look good for my last show of the tour.
The sun was still up when Bob came out, so I could get a good look of him
for the first half of the show. Although he didn’t come out to the
center stage in between the songs (maybe he didn’t want the pictures to
be taken in the light), he was making a grin while he played, and seemed
to be in a good mood, enjoying himself and the crowd. His vocals were
strong and clear, sound was great, and it turned out to be another stellar
show. During the encore, the left side of the audience were on their feet,
and Bob made a salute to them in the end.It was a perfect show to end my
part of the tour. I want to thank all the friends I met during the shows,
for the wonderful time we had, which made my trip so much better. I really
miss you all, and hope to see you all down the road again soon.

Some highlights for me tonight were,

It ain’t me babe - It was kind of like over sung these days, but tonight
it was a beautiful waltz in the open air.

Dignity - quickly becoming a highlight on the set list, and tonight was no
expectation. Was it me that thought he put some extra strength in the
“Dignity never been photographed” line?

Honest with me - This one seems to have lost some punches in recent shows,
but tonight it was different. Bob’s vocals were sharp and strong and was
the best of the four shows that I attended.

Scarlet town - Always one of my highlights of the show. Bob the story
teller and actor, showing a million things with just the wave of his hand.

Like a rolling stone - From the opening note of George’s drum, always
nice to hear this version. I hope he keeps it this way for a while.

Don’t think twice - Sung beautifully in the open air, and the audience
are listening in silence not to miss a single word he says, and then the
harmonica, which expresses as much as his words come in to conclude it.
What a perfect performance. The stage lights from the back lights up Bob
hair beautifully like a flame.

Thunder on the mountain, Soon after midnight, Gotta serve somebody -
Although these three aren’t related or anything, I have become to feel
as if they are  a set. Time to get up and dance and feel the power of the
mighty George Receli, then relax and layback a little,  and dance some
more. You gotta serve Bob.

One little story. At some point of the show although I can’t remember
which song, a lady walked  passed before the stage while Bob was singing,
made a heart shape with her hands and said something to him. And He made a
little nod to her. Too bad she was already looking the other way when he
did this.


Review by Laurette Maillet

Fuengiroala close to Malaga.I have a ride with I.I did book a bus ride but
sometimes it is more fun to travel with Bob Dylan fans...sometimes.I. is
fun, we get along.Fuengirola is a sea resort.We arrive in a Palace
(literally).By a 'simple twist of fate' the view from our balcony is right
to the open air venue. We see the buses arriving for the sound check.We
wait 25 minutes to see Bob stepping outside his bus,  trotting towards
the stage, taking the stairs (and not the ramp) and retrieving to his bus
20 minutes later.The sound check was a short one. We heard only " Duquesne
whistle"  tune. They will not perform it on stage.We have a pre_show
party at a bar for Julien came from Belgium for the show and it is his
birthday.7 pm.Time to see what will happen.It is an open air concert. A
ground floor is covered with plastic chairs and they added tribunes on the
back.Even if I don't get in....I could hear.But I am lucky again and
manage to find a good seat on the ground.After a while I s
 tand up and dance.As will do few others.Nice atmosphere. The atmosphere
 of a festival with a view on the blue sea in the distance.The sky will
 darkened and the stars appear " I will hold you for a million years to
 make you feel my love"...Great show with a specific feeling of
 festivity.I miss my good friend Ben. I know this is what he loves the
 best at a BD show.For the encore I move front.Though the security is
 trying to move people back I keep my stand and enjoy seeing Bob so close
 now.Julien and I. are right next with me.Great feelings of
 friendship.This show was maybe not the beat technically but it was a
 great experience.I love it also.After the show Julien will celebrate his
 birthday and we will festive far away in the night.The sleep is short as
 the next show is in Murcia.


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