Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville River Stages 2001
Riverfront Park
May 5, 2001

[Bryan McMichael], [Elaine Anderson]

Review by Bryan McMichael

I've not been a big fan of Bob Dylan's performance, although I think he is
genius when it comes to songwriting and lyrics. I have always been a fan
of anybody else that chooses to cover Dylan's music simply because I can
understand what is being sung. Nothing new, we all hear this all the time.
I'm simply "one of them" that think Bob was never intended to perform his
own masterpieces. UNTIL. . .  

I had an opportunity to catch Dylan live at the Nashville River Stages on
May 5, 2001. This was my second Dylan show with my 'RABID DYLAN
FAN'/Friend Dale Minor. I should say that this show changed my whole
outlook on Bob Dylan's perfomances. Although his voice was alittle rough
for the first couple of songs, he overcame that and proceeded with an
outstanding performance. Musically and vocally, the entire show was
impressive. Despite the fact that this was an outdoor venue; the clarity
was amazing! I could understand every word as well as any studio track
he's released. Dylan's stage presence hinted of an orneriness that
surprised me (for an old guy) and added a wonderful element to his show. I
must also say that Charlie Sexton is a valuable contributor to Dylan's
current lineup. 

I regret that I didn't purchase a ticket to see Dylan May 6, 2001 at
Memphis' Beale Street Music Festival with my friend Dale. I'm sure I
missed a fine performance.

Bryan McMichael


Review by Elaine Anderson

I got back home at midnight Sunday night after a cross country trek to my
first ever Bob Dylan concert.  Iíve only been a fan since last fall and
Bob hasnít been anywhere near the west coast or my home in Nevada since
then, so I was determined to see him in Nashville.  It was a beautiful
venue, the stage was right on the river against a backdrop of green trees,
and riverboats floating by.  The moon was nearly full and Bob took the
stage just before sunset.  I was pretty close, being right next to the
sound board and high enough up that I had an unobstructed view of the
stage.  The crowd was estimated at 30,000.  Being a new fan, I donít know
every song, but his band was really tight and they were on fire the whole
time.  He was wearing a black suit with a string tie and these great black
boots with white flames on the toes.  I loved the second song, Mr.
Tambourine Man, which was very different from any version Iíd heard
before.  Masters of War was next and I liked this one too.  The crowd
really got into Tan gled Up in Blue.  Positively 4th Street, again, was a
totally different arrangement, but really great.  I was glad to hear Where
Teardrops Fall, because Oh Mercy is a favorite album.  When he played
Rainy Day Women and introduced the band, which he sang mid-song (it took
me a while to realize that it wasnít part of the songís lyrics), I looked
at my watch and couldnít believe an hour had gone by.  I thought the
formation with the band at the end was really touching.  He put on a black
cowboy hat and just stood there looking kind of uncomfortable with his
hand on his hip.  It seemed like he was just taking a moment to really
focus on the audience and accept the appreciation of the crowd.  The
encore was short, but really packed with great stuff starting with Things
Have Changed.  Then the crowd really got into Like a Rolling Stone, and
the highlight of the whole evening for me was Knockiní on Heavenís Door,
because at that moment it felt like we were.  He took us to the edge of
Heaven.  The finale was Highway 61, a song I was not that familiar with, 
but it was incredible, with a  driving pulse that took on a life of its own.  
It was a great first concert for me.  Thanks Bob!


page by Bill Pagel

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