Charleston, South Carolina
North Charleston Coliseum
May 6, 2003


Review by Jay

i have never reviewed a show before now and curiously  find myself doing
so for the first time.  primarily because it deserves review and
charleston was a fun city on the water.  dylan began with a solid opener
not heard for some time now, "everything is broken" and sounded excellent.
 my girlfriend and myself were on the second row but our view of bobby d.
was obstructed by some type of speaker.  next came another surprise a
stirring version of " i don't believe you" which i enjoyed immensely.  i
am not much for words so if you have been going recently you know the next
few songs in the list delivered.  i wish a few more folks would have
attended but there were bad storms in the area that maybe dampened some
folks plans.  those you attended were justly rewarded.  "just like a
woman" was especially nice except for the girl behind me that blurted out
"i really hate this song"......made me wonder as to why?  "saving grace"
was nice but not very audible.  however the showstoppa had to be "summer
days"  unreal and most impressive was freddie on guitar i thought he had some
superb moments during the show but especially on this number.  if you
don't get to hear this live than do your self the favor and keep going
till you do.  looking forward to the shows in the carolinas. 



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