Valencia, Spain

Plaza de Toros de Valencia

May 7, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Valencia May 7 Arriving by bus. My good friend S. is waiting for me and we
walk the way to my CS host. Manuel is waiting for me and we have a chat 
and dinner after walking a while in the center city. The city is original by
its architecture. Next morning I walk more before meeting a BD fan from
Barcelona. We have a long chat. I tell my BD stories. I could talk
forever…By 6pm I check the Plaza de Torros, an open air arena again.
A French Lady sells me a ticket for 20€. When I check the seat I realize I
am on the floor section.They give me a blue wrist band. Manuel and a friend
will arrive later. She figured out that 3 seats are empty row 10 center, so
we seat there. Nice view on the stage and great sound. Bob is dressed with
a black suit embroidered with red and a red shirt (for a change), he is in
a good mood. The public is reacting nicely. That will be one of the best
shows on that Tour. Same setlist as I expected. A kiss towards the public at
the end. I said bye to Big Bob and Barron and the technicians. Who knows 
when or if we will meet again? 15 Bobcats gathered in a bar for a last drink 
and a lot of talks and laughs. I managed to witness 19 shows on that Tour.
Some excellent , some average but all interesting.That was a nice Tour.
Thanks to all the good people.Thank you Bobby.Take care.


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