Little Rock, Arkansas
Night Life Rocks
May 18, 2003

[Pat Rabjohn]

Review by Pat Rabjohn

I just started looking at your site two weeks ago.  I am 29 and only
started listening to Dylan about a year ago.  I am probably only familiar
with about fifty songs.  However, I was very excited to see him on Sunday
night.  I was a little worried about the show being moved to Night Life
Rocks.  It is basically a night-club inside a strip-mall; the only other
band I know that has played there is "Skid Row"...without Sebastian Bach. 
I really didn't know what to expect.  I had read some reviews of previous
shows on your web-site, most of which said the band had been stumbling.  

I was very impressed with the show.  Bob stayed on the piano the entire
time.  "Maggie's Farm" opened and sounded completely different than the
album version...more forceful, more 'in your face'.  "Tweedle Dee and
Tweedle Dum" sounded pretty much the same as the album cut.  "Mr.
Tambourine Man" was excellent, you could clearly hear almost every word. 
I'm a big fan of "Things Have Changed" because it is the first Dylan song
I really listened to and got 'stuck in my head'.  I thought he dove more
into this song than any other during the night.  He tore through the
lyrics and really bounced around on the piano during this one.  He
definately enjoyed this song more than any other.  "Highway 61" was
probably the crowd favorite...sounded great.  IThe band was really tight. 
The two guitar guys played off each other all night.  The rest of the show
was good, but I definately think those were the highlights.

In other news, the crowd seemed to hate "the waifs" at the beginning of
the show.  However, after three songs, they started to get a really good
response.  By the end of their set, they had won over most of the crowd
and received a very strong ovation/applause....much more than I've heard
for any other opening act recently.

As I said in the beginning, I'm new to Dylan and didn't plan on reviewing
b/c I just don't have anything to compare it to.  I've seen Springsteen
twice, Metallica five times, and U2 three...I'm not going to compare Dylan
to them b/c it's the whole 'apples to oranges' thing.  As a band, they
were as tight as anyone I've seen and they really generated a lot of sound
for five people.  9 stars out of 10...'Shooting Star' is the one missing.


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