Kennewick, Washington
Toyota Center

May 29, 2022

[Laurette Maillet] [chasmb]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Kennewick May 29th.
We wake up early, pack up and hit the road.
We stop for a cup of coffee, refill the gas tank and hit the road again.
The landscape is flat and red/green, the sky clouded and blue/grey.
Three hours later, we check the venue: the Toyota center. A huge building 
in the middle of nowhere. But at least the parking lot will be free.
We drive to the couchsurfing host address: a nice home in a residential area.
We share with our hosts and relax few hours.
Stephanie Russel has got a coupon for food at Red Robin. So we go for 
hamburgers. What else to do? Not too much...  city and the weather not 
too good for a picnic and walk.

By 5 pm we are at the venue.
Surprisingly Bob's bus is already parked by the back stage door. We can 
hear the sound check through the closed door. Do they rehearse a new song?
Nothing else is happening in that empty lot and I start falling asleep
By 6.30pm patrons slowly arrive at the door and we start soliciting a free ticket.
Stephanie will get one relatively easily and I am left alone. I don't feel too 
confident but a nice gentleman hands me a paper/ copy ticket and I immediately 
walk in.

Security is light but they request to put my phone in the YONDER pouch.
The arena is huge and not sold out.
Stephanie joins me and we decide to seat on the floor. Four seats, row M, have 
not been sold. We take the two on the aisle.
We have no idea of the time but I'm pretty sure Bob started on time
The sound is good. Better that Spokane for me.
Immediately the crowd is enthusiastic and reacts nicely to the songs.
No disturbance and no shuffling around.

Bob can feel it and will say "thank you" about 7 times. Even mentioning the fans 
on his left, super enthusiastic!
He moves center stage four times. Holding and playing with the mic's cord with 
his left hand , hardly holding the pole.
His stand his stable!
He's dressed as yesterday but will wear no hat.
-Trotts twice to Tony(so much that Stephanie and I believe they will do a 
new song).
-Chats and laughs in the mic.
Few songs have a new arrangement (the result of a sound check?).
"I'll be your baby tonight" starts with a beautiful music Entro. And a shuffling 
in the lyrics?
"Black rider" is my highlight tonight.
"I've made up my mind to give myself to you"rise a mountain of applause. The 
public knows and appreciates the "Rough and rowdy ways".
Presenting the band, Bob
- asks Charley to stand up.
- mentions Doug playing on a Strat (but Stephanie will tell me that the one 
Doug was holding at the moment  was a Les Paul).
- tells a joke presenting Bob  Britt " this afternoon he saw a Bull outside. 
I told him it was a bulldozer!".
Definitively in a good mood!
He will put on his black hat for the final pose.

I rush out to have my phone unlocked and text Bill.
Stupid phone policy . But truly no one was disturbing the show. 
Not even the security .
I haven't seen Roger so far. Bob Dylan's security disappeared
We had a great time.
The new arrangements are a must. Thank you the Band.
Bobby surely in shape and funny
Makes me feel .... I want to see more.
Hopefully in more interested cities.
After the show Stephanie and I try a little business selling my Art.
We make some bucks from really young artists who came to see Bob Dylan 
tonight for the first time.
After a boring day , it was a great unexpected evening 
Thank you my good Samaritan....
Thank you good people.
See you next in Portland.
Bobby! Keep the spirit high!


Review by chasmb

Absolutely wonderful show. Bob was having a good time and the audience was into
it from beginning to end. The band formed the perfect sonic pouch for Bob’s elastic 
and expressive vocals. Gotta Serve Somebody might’ve been the crowd favorite and 
got a lot of people on their feet. The focus and feeling he put into Made Up My 
Mind was the crystalline moment of the night for me.

“We got Bob Britt on electric guitar. Bob said he saw a bull sleeping in front of our 
hotel. I told him that’s a bulldozer.”


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