Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville Metro Park
May 30, 2005

[Mike Bramlett]

Review by Mike Bramlett

HEY.     Last I checked, no one had reviewed the Jacksonville show. 
I'll try it, though I've never tried to review a show before.  OKAY???? 
Due to the3 day binge I went on leading up to the show,   I arrived
with a massive hangover. (What a fool!).        After sitting far from
the stage, under a tree (The venue was a park), during Willie's set
[Trying to Nurse my hangover]...... at sundown, BOB was announced and I
tried to get as close as I could.     I ended pretty close, with my
right eardrum facing the giant right stage speaker.  BOB, luckily, was
on the left side of the stage with his adorable face angled directly at
me.  Between my hangover and the speaker right in my 49 year old
ear... this "Review" might be discumbobulated.   

HERE GOES----Over all opinion::::: The band was almost consistently excellent.   BOY,
was it a "ROCKY" show!!!!    Very few "mellow" moments, instrumentally.
NOW TO ROBERT!!!!  He was in a good mood. There were quite a few times
when his voice went "From Boston to Birmingham on a 3 day drive"  in a
matter of seconds. (In other words, he was croaking pretty rough at
times.)   But generally speaking, he was singing beautifully with his
heart and soul......  He played a LOT of harmonica, which I tilts
ti'monica,,anyway!!!  As far as songs in particular go--->>>>  I had
really wanted to hear 2 songs for the first time LIVE-->>> "Things Have
Changed" and "Blind Willie McTell".  He actually played both!  ucky me,
huh?????   Whether I'm just imagining it or not.. I feel that those were
the 2 best songs of the night.  ESPECIALLY "BLIND WILLIE". The band
was perfect and so was BOB.  Now the computer is screwing me over,
as I KNEW it eventually would.   In conclusion...  IT was a fine 
show... but my hangover affected my true fellings (SO PATHETIC!)  
AND I had to compare it to the greatest concert I have ever
seen, which was BOB on Daytona Beach on his "TIME OUT OF MIND" tour 
year. Nothing can EVER touch that night, in my memory.   However, there
were some wonderful moments in the show last Monday.  To me... "BLIND
WILLIE MCTELL"  took the cake.
END of my attempt to write a review. 
If anyone wants to talk about Bob to me, my email address is 


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