Seattle, Washington
Paramount Theatre

June 1, 2022

[Laurette Maillet], [Rick Friel]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Seattle I. June 1st.
It's an easy ride from Portland to Seattle. About 4 hours with traffic.
We check in the Airbnb, relax a little bit and drive to downtown. It's 
4 pm and nothing is happening.
Bobby's bus is parked by the venue but I believe he is staying at the 
Hyatt hotel next door
Seattle is ugly and there is truly nothing inspiring. I check the farmers 
market: smelly and empty.
The streets are filled with homeless poor souls.
Looks like a third world country. Except this is the richest country
in the world.
Shame on you!
The riches are visibly not distributed with equality or even equinimity.
The sky is grey and gloomy. I feel gloomy.
I just don't want to be here
The Paramount theater is by a construction building. Even more 
depressing. Nothing is really happening until 6pm.
Patrons start arriving. The folks are average in age and class. Average
in interest.
It takes me a long time before somebody realizes I need a "miracle" ticket. 
Even the only scalper around doesn't show any enthusiasm.
A beautiful Lady hands me a ticket. I'm so surprised that it takes me a 
while to ask how much she wants. She says "nothing".
I immediately takes the line. We need a proof of Covid vaccine or negative 
test, plus a mask.
On the top of the telephone secured in a sealed takes forever
to pack the 3000 fans inside a beautiful theater.
I chat a little bit with my good Samaritan and wait until 8pm. Nothing...
By 8.12pm I start to worry. Where is Bob?
By 8.15pm or so...the lights are off.
Of course I have the feeling he won't do the same show as yesterday!
And he won't!
Even , for me, the most boring and gloomy ever.
Could be my personal state of mine.
As the public seems to react nicely.
I am all the way on the right , row M.
The sound is muffled and Bob looks old and ...fat. could be the light.
He won't finish "Black rider" center stage but retrieve to the piano 
before the end. And even if he started a step towards the guitar, he 
will never pick it up!
"I've made up my mind to give myself to you"starts center stage but 
in middle he moves awkwardly towards the piano. Only "melancholy mood" 
is center. But short!
"Serve somebody" is back to normal. Happily it seems for the public. 
So is "Jimmy Reed".
Woah! Such a contrast with Portland.
Bobby aged over night
That didn't help to lift up my spirit.
On the positive side...I bumped into Bob Dylan people: first 
_Jason who smiled at me and asked if I had been around.
- "Yes. Since the beginning."
_Bob Britt who was surprised to be recognized. He smiled.
_Tony who passed in front of me twice. I finally said hello.
_Bob new security man(Roger is gone, after Security Bob and Barron). 
He looks carefully at my sign"I need a ticket".
_Jerry, Kramer, Santos. 
_ the bus drivers. Amused at my sign
No hostility shown. 
I feel familiar with all of them. Much more than the fans around who 
are all indifferent
Right after the show I step rapidly out to recover my phone and text 
Bill. As I walk by the side of the theater I see Bob jumping in a white car. 
No hoody. Light security
Bye bye Bobby. See you tomorrow.
Both in a better mood


Review by Rick Friel

A nice mix of young and old filled the beautiful The Paramount Theatre
here in Seattle on a muggy rainy night. Since it was a phone free
event-thank you Bob-I had time to reflect on all the places I have seen
Bob play in Washington state; theatres, stadiums, college halls, arenas
and I came to the conclusion that The Paramount is the best place to see
Bob Dylan here. The lights went halfway down at out strolled Bob and the
band. It seemed like they came on early? The staging was beautiful, like
an old Hollywood nightclub. Dark with lights at the bottom of floor and
dark on the performers. The sound was nice and clear. The house lights
stayed halfway on throughout the show. Since it was a phone free night the
crowd had no choice but focus on the music and Bob’s crack band. I
can’t say enough enough good things about Charley Drayton! He was taking
drumming to new heights. Best drummer for Bob besides Levon? I think so.
Even if the crowd didn’t know the new songs they reacted to them well
and loudly, especially “Crossing The Rubicon”. Every time Bob stood
there were cheers and many yelling his name loud! Two really interesting
things happened. New lyrics for “I Contain Multitudes” and “Gotta
Serve Somebody”, which was the highlight for me. I was near tears. By
the time Bob sang “Every Grain Of Sand” I felt like I was floating.
How can 90 minutes go by so fast? It was all over too soon. Can’t wait
to do it all again tonight! Thanks, Bob! 

Sent from beautiful Kirkland 


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