Porto, Portugal

June 2, 2023

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Porto June 2sd 2023.
I was so sorry that I had to miss Japan Tour.
But life must go on.
So I did my best to make it to Porto.
I spend two days as a tourist. Porto is a nice city with great people. 
The Youth hostel is comfortable and the food reasonably good.
My good friend found me a ticket so I didn't have to worry so much.
As expected a lot fans made it from all over the world for the first show of that Tour.
The venue is not that fantastic neither from out, neither from inside.
My seat is all 'view blocked' so I move to a better space where I stand and dance.
The security is pretty cool, though the mobiles have to be put away.
I do expect the same setlist as Japan, maybe with a surprised song.
I'm all away up and the sound is not so good.
It is the setlist as Osaka April 6th. With 'that old black magic'. 
'My own version of you' as a new rythme for me and I like it very much. I can't stop dancing.
'black rider' sounds pretty good too. And 'Jimmy Reed' rocks good. 
As for the rest.... Nice to hear again.
A nice harp intro on 'Mother of muses' and at the end of 'every grain of sand '.
The introduction of the Band is early and minimalist.
A lot 'thank you' but no move in front except at the very end, for the standing ovation.
The stage light is ...even darker than before, and truly I couldn't see Bob's face at all.
I do believe he had his black suit with embroidery.
So all together I had a great time in Porto with a good unsurprised show.
Thanks to my good friends.
See you on the road.


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