Lisbon, Portugal
Campo Pequeno

June 5, 2023

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Starts with a nice free breakfast.
Then a free tour of the city.
Lisboa is sure hot and crowded. Feel a bit dizzy 🥴
Take a cold/warm shower and watch a romantic 
Australian movie on my mobile :)
Then walk to the Campo Pequeno. This time I know 
the way and don't get lost :)
Musicians arrived at 4.30pm. Tony doesn't look too 
healthy. He's really scooped. His back must hurt him :(
Bob's car drives in , in total 'security' by 4.50pm.
Will he join for the soundcheck???
I start looking for a ticket early.
I don't panick but I sure would like to be in and 
not out :)
A young couple walks to me and they do have an extra 
Tix. So I negotiate a free entrance.
They are Israeli from Tel Aviv and I try to remember 
some of my Hebrew. Bevakasha! Toda raba!   Leitraot!
That will do the trick.
I chat with my good new friend from Italy.
And in I go.
Same spot as yesterday. Not too bad.
By 7.55 pm many seats are still empty, including on 
the floor. But there is no way for me to get down :(
Too bad because the stage rush would have been easy.
Bob starts on time with venue filled about 3/4.
Two rows totally empty in my back ???
'The river flow ' is flowing ok. 
But it takes 'Black rider' to be really into the mood.
'My own version of you' is again fantastic.
And surprise harp on 'I'll be your baby tonight'.
Then again on 'To be alone with you'.
That will make for the mistake of yesterday.
'Rubicon' is a bit boring.
I see Bob drinking a lot from a cup.
There is no air conditioning. The atmosphere is stuffing. 
It's almost if I don't faint on 'Key west'.
The public starts to be restless half the song!
'Gotta serve somebody' needs a new arrangement. More 
fluid. With more drumming.
Like a military march, maybe???
'I've made up my mind to give myself to you' doesn't get 
much reaction from the audience.
Neither 'the size of your c**k will get you no where'.
I see that half the floor folks are not even applause :(
Except a nice reaction on 'My own version of you' and 
'Not fade away' and some clapping hands on my 
section....public 🤐🤫 quiet.
Bob saying shyly  'Thank you' after the big applause.
No harp on 'Every grain of sand'.
By now Bob and the Band should be all sweaty.
I get out to see if Bob will be riding his bus to 
Madrid or...flying.
He's leaving in a black car. So definitively flying 
private jet to Madrid.
See you there.
Bye bye Portugal.


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