Madrid, Spain
Noches del Botanico

June 7, 2023

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Madrid 1. June 7th.
Get up early. Get a cup of strong 'cafe con leche'. 
Walk all the way to the Prado Museum.
Spend about four hours in that special museum with 
mainly Spaniards painters. My favorite would be El Greco 
for the use of his colors) and the Italians Tiepolo and Panini. 
Walk back to the Youth Hostel.
Eat myself a salad and get ready for the first show in Madrid.
The weather had been rainy all morning and I had to change 
all my wet clothes.
By chance I grab my rain poncho.
Catch the metro to "Ciudad Universitaria".
Obviously a show at University :)
It's an .. outdoor show. Oh my! Never thought of it.
Start looking for a Tix. Many folks are selling but no less 
than 100 euros. Way too much :(
The show will start at 9.30 pm.
By 8 pm it starts raining like hell. A light uninterrupted rain. 
I'm rapidly drenched to the bones. The file of fans is crunched 
in the entrance of the venue for protection.
I take it easy just trying not to drown.
I have been talking to a seller for a while now. He bought 
6 tickets, 250 euros each, he's trying to sell. 
Well! Good luck I said :)
By 9 pm. He says he will give his personal ticket to me for 20 euros 
as he's not willing to stand in the rain for the show.
The rain was my miracle :)
I rush to the entrance where nice people give for free some 
blue rain ponchos. We all look like Smurfs :)
I bumped into one of my follower on Boblinks: Toms from Riga Lettonie. 
We laugh a lot in the rain before they finally let the fans 
inside the arena.
I decide not to take my seat but stand on the left side of the 
stage where I can see Bob at the piano pretty clearly.
I will dance in the rain for the entire show. But it suddenly 
stops raining....another miracle:)
Show starts a 9.50 pm.
Bob and the Band ...all dry :)
Of course I enjoy that one show really much. I focus on Bob 
who will say 'thank you' maybe 6 times.
The songs are all great.
Even ...'Mother of muses' :) :).
Bob presents the Band before Jimmy Reed with
'Jerry Pentecost on the drums.  Doug Lancio on the blue guitar. 
Bob Britt on the....well!other one. Donnie Heron on steel guitar 
and Tony Garnier on bass'.
A short standing ovation and off he goes.
Toms and I catch the metro back home.
Thank you my good friend Toms. 
Conversation much appreciated.
I do believe Bob will play Lettonie just to please you :)
Tomorrow is another Bobby day!


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