Oakland, California
Fox Theater

June 9, 2022

[Laurette Maillet], [Michael Lederman]

Review by Laurette Maillet

From Redding to Oakland.
I bought an Amtrak ticket. The first part to Sacramento will be on a bus. 
The second part on a train.
Stan, my couchsurfing host, will pick me up at the Martinez station.
His home is located in Walnut Creek.
I do have my own private bedroom for 5 days
Stan also offers hospitality for WORKAWAY volunteer. Now a couple 
from Russia, escaping Putinand a young Lady from Japan, Rina, on 
College vacation.
Plus the dog Nana, we are a bunch of happy folks.
The weather is sunny and warm. All to make me ... Happy!
June 9th.
Rina will make breakfast and we both take the dog for a walk.
Then Stan drivers me to the BART. With a 'clipper'card I can travel 
BART to Frisco. I love Frisco
Reaching Oakland in the early afternoon, nothing really happens. 
I just walk around.
By 6 pm the crowd starts pilling up by the entrance of the Fox 
Theater. I rapidly exchange a ticket for two of my prints.
Stan, Rina and the Russian couple also are willing to see Bob Dylan. 
So we have to find four more miracle tickets
My good friend Bob Russel has an extra good ticket he is willing to 
share with me. So I give my first Tix to Stan.
By 7.30pm we walk in.
Rina will also find an extra Tix ... But not the Russians
We are 4th row center. Excellent view on the piano where two 
water bottles had been added on the right

8.05pm the lights dim dim.
Bob wears the cream color hat he had in Redding. White kind of shirt.
He immediately picks up his guitar, walks center stage and starts a solo 
backing up by the Band. Walks to the piano. Unleashes his guitar and 
starts singing and playing the piano.
"Watching the river flow".
The first rows are wild. Some folks will stand up for some songs.
Bob will say "thank you" about 7 times. Mentions how great the 
audience is. And murmurs some other things I can't catch.
In middle of "I'll be your baby tonight" he picks a harp sitting on the 
piano and starts a solo.
The audience goes wild. 
At the first notes of "Melancholy mood" Bob makes a step towards 
center stage. 
Immediately the first rows stand and clap to encourage him.
He will be center stage all the song with the public up, dancing and 
He is a bit angry on "Jimmy Reed". Turns to Bob Britt to say a thing. 
Tony moves close to Britt and together pick up the rythme...or 
whatever Bobby was disatisfied with
The show was great. The audience was great. My seat was great.
I had a blasting day. 
Thank you all good people.
Bob Russel. Stan....
The good Samaritans.
Tomorrow I'll walk the streets of Frisco.
Haight Ashbury
See you there Bobby?


Review by Michael Lederman

Bob Dylan is no “Greatest Hits” traveling salesman. He continues to
reimagine, reconstruct his vast library. He draws out syllables,
challenges his band, filled with top notch sessions musicians, to stay on
their toes, pay attention because we/they never no where his Muse might
take him. He creates art live. Living, breathing art. It’s magical,
enthralling, beyond imitation. HE is beyond compare. An artists artist.
Physically, he seems frail, almost breakable as he briefly shuffled from
behind his keyboard to center stage. But his voice…clear (mostly). Songs
recited in a understandable sing/talk meter. A master linguist forcing us
to hang on every word. And we did! You could hear a pin drop. It wasn’t
a Rock and Roll show. It was a Revival. A preacher in his carnival tent.
We were the congregation. I’m Saved. Can’t wait to do it again
tomorrow night.

Thank you Bob.
Michael Lederman 
Half Moon Bay, CA


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