Oakland, California
Fox Theater

June 10, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Oakland 2. June 10th.
Woke up late...7pm.
The plan is to visit San Francisco.
I catch the BART. Bay Area Rapid Transit. From WALNUT CREEK.
The yellow line gets me to Mission street.
This is the Spanish quarter.
Busy and colorful. I take tons of photos of the splendid murals.
Then I want to reach Haight/Ashbury...again.
I get lost...but 
-can admire the nice architecture of the houses.
-Find a book store where I finally buy "The tale of the Genji' , a 
classic wrote by Lady Murasaki.
-walk one more hour "Haight street".
-walk one more hour in "Golden Gate Park"
-get lost...
By 6pm I am back at the Fox Oakland. Tired but fine.
Tonight I have two tickets for the show.
Thanks to a good Samaritan.
A young "Hippy" couple are looking for Tix. They don't have money but 
want to ..."exchange".???
I wait a little more and a young man is also looking for a cheap entrance, 
to see Bob Dylan for the first time. He looks alright. So He'll be my guest 
The seats are all the way in the back , on the floor; orchestra rear.
The view on the stage is clear.
Bob takes the stage with the same cream/white hat on 
No guitar No harp
All the songs are strictly on the piano except "Melancholy mood" center 
stage. The sound is alright and the audience in front enthusiastic. The 
show is well done.
In "I'll be your baby tonight" Bob laughs loud. A bit sarcastic
He will say "thank you" maybe 6 times. Even "thank you, you Art lovers"
I enjoy myself as I can dance, standing up.
"Jimmy Reed" is the highlight tonight. 
The BOYS nailed it down
Fantastic. The public is up and dancing or just moving their heads
Great show but the first one was definitively a surprised one.
I step out and check the Folks. A lot younger than Redding. More 
"colorful". Of course the dye T-shirt are numerous
I catch the BART and Stan, my couchsurfing host is waiting for me 
for the ride home.
I crash on my bed. And sleep tight.
Tomorrow is another day.
Thank you all Good People 
See you at the last Oakland show.
Don't you dare miss it!


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