San Diego, California

Humphreys Concerts by the Bay

June 13, 2016

[Nancy Cobb]

Review by Nancy Cobb

I believe I'll Dust my Broom

Tonight  Bob and his Band played at Humphreys on Shelter Island in San
Diego.  This is a beautiful small venue next to a marina where 100's of
fans in rafts and kayaks could also hear the music. I should mention that
he had an opening act, Mavis Staples, which requires hard work to keep the
audience interested. Gone are the days when Merle Haggard would open and
when Dylan came on, some people would boo or walk out. Mavis is a real pro
and her family has been entertaining people for 66 years. The gong is
gone- Bob's band, starting with Charlie, segued into Times have Changed . 
After 2 more or less upbeat songs Bob goes "Whaaaa,  and you could hear a
feminine sigh like the bobby soxers used to do.  But unlike Sinatra he can
pull off an angry lyric like Pay in Blood right after the plaintive
What'll I Do.  It seems his range has gotten a little wider with bits with
quicksilver notes- Tangled, Spirit....and rich low tones in Leaves and All
or Nothing..even varying the volume of a single note or adding a touch of
vibrato. The feel and tempo of the set list were different from last year
with, especially, Mood, Spirit, and Blowin' which was like a prayer, doing
more for me this time.  Don't miss this wonderful show.


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