Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara Bowl

June 22, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet


From Long Beach to Santa Barbara.
June 21st.
My friend/fan Stacy invited me to spend the day at his home, accros the 
bridge , in Long Beach.
The rooms are filled with Bob Dylan items, collectibles. I pick up the book 
called "dylanologists" I read few years ago. I was not thrilled of it but 
found in that book people I bumped into over the years of my adventures 
following the BD tours. I'm luckily not in that book.
Of course we discuss a lot about BD.
And each Fan has an 'image' of Bob Dylan that fits or not with my own 
'image'. Nothing we can argue about as it is just a "perspective" and 
nothing about Reality.
Who knows who is Bob Dylan?
He contains MULTITUDES .
Stacy and his girlfriend take care of me for that day. Thank you so much.
June 22st.
I booked a FLIXBUS to Santa Barbara from downtown L.A.
Stacy, kindly, proposes to give me a ride.
We leave early as traffic in L.A. is disastrous.
The bus is supposed to leave at 9am but will be delayed twice, which 
put me in a state of panic. My friend Ruby is driving all the way from the 
Bay Area to join me with tickets for the show.
Finally we hit the road at 10.30am.
I relax and enjoy the landscape, beautiful from Santa Monica to 
Santa Barbara.
Ruby picks me up at the bus/train station and we walk the streets for 
a beer and a cup of coffee before checking in at El Paradisio
By 5.30pm after a nice lunch we walk to the Bowl. I've been here 
twice already for Dylan shows. I know the venue; open air on the 
top of the hill.
We enjoy a breathtaking view from the top before sitting on an empty 
row. The show is far away for being Sold out and the patrons are 
mainly from Santa Barbara.
(Older crowd than the Oakland crowd, says my friend Ruby.)
That will give me the opportunity to dance and do my "karaoke" . No 
one in front of me and no one behind
Show starts slightly after 8pm and of course some folks are late, drinking
 and chatting.
Bob picks up his guitar, moves center stage. That is part of the routine 
by now.
The sound is perfect. Being open air makes it "blowing in the wind". It's 
a bit chilly so we have coats on.
Rapidly the sky will turn dark and stars will appear.
Bob is good. Chatting in the mic. Saying "thank you.""Thank you 
everybody" "thank you, really".
At some point I heard "you're such a good crowd"which makes me 
smile, cause I just said to my friend "they are all dead!"
Except a couple of fans dancing on the aisle and heads moving in rythm, 
here and there, there are few reactions.
When Bob takes center stage the floor people stand up, but none of 
the upper levels(except me).
I enjoy the show, singing along and dancing.
I can't remember any special highlight.
I prefer the new version of "Key west" and the harp on "When I paint 
my Masterpiece" is thrilling.
Bob presents the Band with some jokes about Dough Lancio. He seems 
to like the Man.
He presents him as the second guitar before presenting Bob Britt as 
the other guitar
After a sweet "Every grain of sand"
He puts on his jacket he had previously taken off (surprisingly as the air is 
chilly) and salutes the public.
The crowd rapidly walks out.
No party. The old crowd goes to sleep.
My BD friends complain about people chatting during the performance. 
Not an attentive public.
Too bad. It was a fantastic venue. A perfect weather. A great sound. 
A great show.
With Ruby, we walk 30 minutes of empty streets towards the motel.
Where are the people?
We had a blast together today and Bob seemed to be in form and 
happy so....this is all for the best.
Tomorrow is another adventure.
Goodnight folks!


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