San Daniele del Friuli, Italy

Campo Base

June 27, 2015


Review by Bo

Have you ever heard about John Cage? About his famous 4'33''? OK, no need
to be so drastic. Well, have you ever heard John Cage was playing  D major
chord once, simple D major chord but for about an hour or so, until all
the audience was left the venue? John's explanation for such a behavior of
the audience was something like that: Isn't it obvious that D major sounds
great, yet it is not possible to listen to it all the time - so  the
people left the venue!

Bob Dylan sounds great. The set list is perfect. The band is excellent.
However - can you expect that someone might be excited  by  listening  to
the very same set list for years ? Maybe we do not understand, is  there
any secret message in that set list?  D major might sound great, but the
audience want something more.

In a way these days the whole show was arranged to be in accordance with
"new" Sinatra songs. Is it good enough? OK, that's might be fine.
Especially for those who attend Bob's show once in a lifetime  - the show
might sound perfect. But what about us, the long time followers of Bob? We
really do not find a simply D major as an attractive one anymore! And  we
would die for just a small changes in the set list - there are more than
500 Bob's songs available - if only Bob could put them into the set lists 
and play them randomly, changing  every night only one of those 500 - even
the bad mathematicians could count 500 different set lists!  Never ending
tour means always changing tour, no?



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