Gothenberg, Sweden


June 28, 2019

[Christian Uttenthal], [Laurette Maillet], [Lena Geiser]

Review by Christian Uttenthal

Quite mixed feelings about the concert. So much positive and a few
complaints that unfortunately took so much away from the overall

On the positive note, there where refreshing returns of songs, almost all
with new arrangements. Many with subtle lyric changes here and there, over
to eq. “Gotta Serve Somebody” with all new verses. Great that Bob
still find the enthusiasm for changing things up.

Melody arrangements have had an overhaul too. Again hats off to Bob for
daring changing “Like a rolling stone” and many others but still
keeping them great and refreshed.

Bob was leading several song on his piano, like the into to “It ain’t
me babe” and a beautiful short and sweet “Girl from the north
country”. “Can’t wait” was really good and “To make you feel my
love” was done well too.

However there was some sound problems. In my opinion, they prevented *all*
the song from shining as much as they should have had.

Charlie’s guitar sound didn’t come through. The sound from his guitars
was barely audible only here and there could his sound be recognised. He
was, for the first third of the concert, walking towards the wings to
figure out the problem together with a sound engineer. But little did it
help. A combination of Bobs phrasing and the audio/sound mixing made his
vocal unnecessary blurry. A real pity since it made all the effort with
changed lyrics so hard to hear, even for a trained “Bob listening”

This combined with the overall sound level at the venue was not loud
enough. The low volume didn’t serve the experience well at all. The lack
of volume prevented otherwise groove songs to shine, like “Highway 61”
and  “Honest with me” were shadows of themselves and “Pay in
blood” could have been so much more too. However the arrangement
musically for many songs were really great. He introduced a couple of
funky pauses one time that gave extra punch when the song kicked back in.
Really cool. A sudden drum solo from George surprised me as well – where
did that come from?

Bob played some beautiful mouth harp, especially on “Simple twist of

“Thunder of the mountain” and “It takes a train..” became
highlights too.


Review by Laurette Maillet

Gotheberg 28th of June.I arrived on the 27th with Flix. Nice trip through
the beautifull green forests.I find my CS host, Erik, waiting for me at
his home.We have a lite dinner of bread and butter and a green tea. Erik
is "green" at heart.We go to bed early. Me on an air mattress.28th.Next
morning. It's a new morning. I do have some dreams but...dreams dont
always come true.The day is warm and sunny so I dress adequately. I bought
a 3 days bus/tram pass just to be sure I can travel in comfort. The Tram
number 5 takes me straight to the Scandinavium. At 10am only the roadies
are working. Setting up the stage.So I move on to the city center. I find
again ( I've been in Gotheberg before) the botanic garden. The roses are
in bloom and smell good.I tram back home to get ready for the afternoon.By
4 pm the "Beat the street" buses pull inside the parking lot.My feet are
tired and my brain is wired so I rest on a bench near the Scandinavium. I
have a nice conversation with one of the followe
 rs. 6.30pm....anxiety time!But I feel confident. The arena is huge. 6000
 probably.Erik is willing to join me for the show so it is my duty to find
 him a ticket, as free as possible.I rapidly get a ticket then 15 minute
 before show time (here 7.30) I young man who was trying to sell an extra
 ticket, hands it to me. I check and to my surprise it is a 6th row floor.
 Whoa.Erik arrives and we both walk inside.I move to the front, to have a
 look at the stage and by the time the music starts (Stravinsky) I am
 first row and as the seats on my right are empty I move right in front
 the piano.I can't believe that about 15 seats front row and about 20
 seats second row are....empty!I know I won't see much of Bob behind the
 grand piano but trully I dont mind.  No one in front of me and no one
 behind.Bob is in black( with embroidery on the jacket and pants) with
 black hat. The Boys in white. I have a clear view of Charlie now wearing
 glasses.( except on ERK).Bob totally disappears when he sits an d the
 tall guy next to me starts complaining and standing. Security rapidly
 asks him to sit.Of course I enjoy myself with every single song and I get
 hysteric when Bob moves center stage for "Can't wait". Right in front of
 me. But I know how to feel and realize he doesn't focus on any one
 specificaly. Can he see or not? His eyes are looking towards...the
 emptiness.When he stands at the piano he should be able to see me as the
 spot light behind him is right on me. I move my body accordingly to
 George tempo. I feel part of the Band, following the lyrics on Bobby's
 lips. We should do a duet:)Absolutaly no mistakes tonight.Clear, loud,
 professional.Bob doesn't smile. He grins. Maybe one time he came to
 Charlie or Tony but no fuss.Regular tempo on ERK. I like it this way. The
 same lyrics change on STOF. He's got a new date. Cool. Happy to know
 that, but she's not me:)The hat disappears after "Pay in blood". "Girl"
 is breath taking. Not a sound from the public.I enjoy MYFML. Even sing
 alo ng.I dance and sing when on my right there is a commotion ; the '
 Last of the Samourai' appears with a security guy and with authority but
 no violence they mention a Fan , front row, to move out. He never came
 back. He was right in front of the sign "no phone". Beware of the 'Ninja
 warrior'.The guy on my left keeps on standing up...stupid! Stop buying
 those front row tickets if you want to see Bob smiling!The encore comes
 too early. The "Ninja warrior" keeps an eye on the front row. No rail.
 Not even standing on BITW. I just managed to move a bit front when Bob,
 hat in hand, makes his final bow. No eye contact. No kiss.Well! He looks
 tired. A lot more than the spring Tour. And by now emaciated more than
 skinny.I feel like crying !Take care my dear ! See you tomorrow. Another
 day. Another dream.


Comment by Lena Geiser

...and he reflected it from the mountain so all souls could hear it...
From the deepest of ”a-swedish-soul” - now I can live or die happily
ever after... Thank you Beautiful man!

Lena Geiser


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