Klam, Austria

Burg Clam (Clam Castle)

June 29, 2014

[Guenther Hanslik]

Review by Guenther Hanslik

What a night! The area of Burg Clam Arena is fantastic, with the medieval
castle looking down at the stage. Although it was a rainy evening, the
crowd was cheerful.

I noticed last fall in Amsterdam that Bob was starting to sing more than
in earlier years, and indeed his vocal performance was even more
impressive – the different sounds only he is able to create, from his
cracking bark till a very tender and sweet sound. It makes me happy to see
after all these years how much he is into his music and his performance
with his great band. I am aware that it is hard for an aficionado to write
objectively, but having looked at the reviews in the Austrian media for
the Vienna concert and the Clam concert, the fans were not the only ones
who enjoyed this! Watch out, Munich, don’t miss this!

Highlights to me were What Good am I, Forgetful Heart, Tangled up in Blue,
Simple Twist of Fate, Scarlet Town, Beyond Here Lies Nothing, Pay in
Blood. Did not mind getting wet at all – hope to see you soon, Bob!

Guenther Hanslik


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