Salt Lake City, Utah
Eccles Theater

June 30, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet


From Bend to Salt Lake City.
It was a break heart to realize I would not be able to reach Boise on time 
for the show. 
The only bus Greyhound going there would arrive at 10.15pm way after 
the end of the show.
So from Boise I just switch to a bus to Salt lake city. Surprisingly that bus will 
arrive right on time in Salt Lake City, which is 5.30am.
My couchsurfing host is still sleeping so I wait at the station until she's up.
I hope in a " blue line "  tram and walk 20 minutes to reach her place at the 
time she's ready to leave for work.
I have then the whole apartment for myself. Take a shower and crash on 
the inflated mattress. 
I will not do much today. A day off from Bobby's show. Just program the 
rest of my journey.
Then Mikaila arrives, we chat a little and we both go to bed early.
June 30th.
I wake up late, 8.30am
Go buy some food, eat breakfast.
Then walk to the nearest park.
I've been in Salt Lake City before and I've seen all the Churches and 
temples I could watch.
In the park I meet....dogs. A lot of dogs. More dogs ..I avoid the Pitbull. 
Any other dogs are fine with me.
Then time to be ready for the show.
By 6pm I am at the venue. Nobody's there! I think I made a mistake as 
there is no "Rough and rowdy ways" marquee but I see the merchandise 
stand inside, and around the corner, the buses.
By 7pm folks start coming. We are three looking for a ticket. Two will buy 
one. I still hope for a miracle one. But miracle is hard to come in the city 
of Mormons
By 8.16pm (Bob is on) I almost renounce and think about walking home 
when a gentleman approaches me. " You need a ticket? ".
He asks 40$ and I don't argue. I rush in and the security people who have 
seen me out for more that two hours, bully me. They insist on scanning 
my body twice, one after the other. "Turn around, turn around"
Ask me three times if I have a telephone. "No".
They truly believe that if they ask "Do you have a gun?" A terrorist will 
say "yes" . They direct me to the wrong gate ....ah ah ah. Ass....
I finally take my seat on balcony 2 , row A, (which is front) as Bobby sings 
"I contain multitudes".
I find his voice clear and emotive. Feel like crying.
The sound is excellent. My view on the piano perfect.
Luckily the crowd is quiet. I want to focus on the lyrics and I do.
Bob is "emotional" . He will say "thank you " only twice. And no jokes. 
Which is great.
All the songs are perfect.
A little doubt on "Sever somebody" where his piano is too loud. He 
should let the lead to Bob Britt and Doug Lancio on guitars.
For "Melancholy mood" he takes his jacket off and moves center in his 
fluffy red/burgundy shirt.
No hat. He had not been wearing hat for few shows now. The pants are 
Just a remark. For the last few shows he playd "I'll be your baby tonight" in 
6th position and "Black rider" on 7th. But tonight right after "When I paint 
my masterpiece" he starts in the mic "black rider, black rider..." and stops 
and flips two pages of his lyrics sheets before continuing "Black rider". He 
made a mistake ? Remembering the previous setlist.
Anyway the Band is sharp and picks up on
 "Black rider".
On "I've made up my mind to give myself to you"when he reaches the 
line "from Salt lake city to Birmingham...." there is a roar from the audience.
Introducing the Band he will say again " from Salt Lake City to Birmingham".
That show was excellent. Great sound quality and emotional Bobby...Or 
maybe it was me after the trouble of getting a ticket?
The audience was surprisingly ...polite!
Neither too old, neither too young.
Just a young kid who recognized me from....Phoenix, previous tour.
I sell one of my prints but few folks are attentive. A group of Fans say 
they will see me in Grand Junction. They're going. Cool!
I catch the AMTRAK Zephyr ride to Grand Junction. Will be an adventure.
I love the train...even though it's two hours late at 5 AM. Who cares 
about the time ... 
Just hoping to be at 6 pm at the Bob Dylan concert venue:
Amphitheater at Las Colonias Park.
See you there.
Bobby ..of course!


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