Memphis, Tennessee
AutoZone Park
July 1, 2005

[Jim Maynard], [Howard Weiner]

Review by Jim Maynard

This was my second of the Bob/Willie baseball park shows (I saw them last
year in Jackson TN), even though I wish Bob would just come to Memphis and
play a club or auditorium show again.  It was a nice night in Memphis
(early rain and thunderstorms passed on in the afternoon).  I missed the
opening act and just caught the beginning of Willie Nelson who I am not a
big fan of (basically the same show he did in Jackson).

It seems that most of the folks coming to these baseball park shows are
there to see Willie Nelson, though I was glad that everyone stuck around
for Bob.  Dylan was in a good mood and the concert was good but not great,
but it had great moments.

Things started off rough with To Be Alone With You and Tell Me that it
Isn't True. He played lots of harp on these and several others, walking to
th emiddle of the stage several times.  Dylan's voice was a growl and I
doubt most people even knew what the songs were.  He got some traction
with Tweedle Dee, which  is my least favorite song on Love & Theft and I
have heard it several times (he seems to love it) and the audience got
into the groove.

Bob put lots of effort into a remake of Just Like a Woman that was well
received as the first "greatest hit" of the concert.  Highway 61 rocked,
probably the best performance I've seen.  I didn't care much for the
remake of Things Have Changed (weird tempo), too slow.

I came to this show hoping to hear a gem like Blind Willie McTell.  I got
two nearly as good ones though: Chimes of Freedom and Girl From the North
Country.  Chimes was not recognizeable at first but Bob put some effort
into the performance and lyrics.  Girl from the North Country was very
different from the recorded versions and Dylan's vocal delivery was
probably the best of the show.

Summer Days turned into a jam session.

I was hoping to hear The Times they Are a Changin' in the encore (never
heard it live), but we got another good performance of Lovesick and a
churning Rolling Stone that started out kind of slow but picked up steam.

I was somewhat disappointed with the set list, too many repeat songs from
the dozen or so I've seen.. he has not touched so many of his great songs
I don't know why he sticks to the same basic songs.. but can't complain
too much about Chimes and Girl from the North Country..

Jim Maynard


Review by Howard Weiner

You gotta love Memphis Tennessee. I arrived a couple of days before
Bob to take in the music history of this city. The day of the show
I visited the Stax Museum and stood in the studio where the likes
of Otis Redding performed. Daniel Kramerís Dylan photos exhibit was
on display at Stax as well. Thereís probably no other region in the
country that Bob makes as many references to in his music. 

Bob opened up with the well received Nashville Skyline duo of To
Be Alone With You and the rarely played Tell Me That It Isnít
True. The show quickly started resmbling last Fridayís show at
Montclair with Tweedle Dee and Just Like A Woman in the three and
four spot. Just Like AWoman was sweet and the product of a
Nashville recording studio as well. Keeping it regional, Highway
61 was served up next. Make You Feel My Love which was yet another
song from the previous Fridayís show followed. In spite of the
repetition, Bob was in fine form sporting a white hat that
reminded me of the Rolling Thunder Tour.

Things Have Changed elevated the energy level of the show and had
me doing triple toe loops. Chimes of Freedom was another great
choice as Bob handled this song with supreme confidence. Bob then
finished up with a four song kiddie cookout that consisted of
Honest With Me, Girl From the North Country, Stuck Inside of
Mobile, and Summer Days. Obviously, Stuck Inside of Mobile was
great to see on this evening.

Love Sick as the first encore was a surprise and a highlight. The
greatest song in rock history was the last encore; I always prefer
seeing that over Watchtower. Dylanís energy level, as well as the
bandís was fantastic all night. My only criticism of the night was
that I found parts of the set list a little repetitious. All in
all it was a super evening of music courtesy of Bob in land of the
Delta Blues.  

Howard Weiner


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