Munchen, Germany


July 1, 2014

[Sven Lewandowski], [So I Ran], [Markus Atzmüller]

Comment by Sven Lewandowski

Working Man Blues featured at least 50% new lyrics, important musical changes. 
A great performance by Bob as well as by the band


Review by So I Ran

Munich was our third stop in bob mini-tour (vienna, klam, munich &
prague), me and my slower brother dave, REALLY enjoying this one… Working
man’s blues replacing What good am I for münchen show – great job, boots &
shoes & all. She belongs to me just superb. Band was on song throughout
but special props to charlie for his virtuosity on Spirit on the water.
Gotta say the crowd was super appreciative – they love their bob! This
whole 19 song setlist is a blissful blend…bob’s voice is A1, warbling like
a tit willow in Simple twist  of fate and laying waste the fence-sitters
in Long & wasted years…superb encore of a cool, calm & collected
Watchtower & magnificent Blowing in the wind. Go see bob & the band –
satisfaction guaranteed.

So I Ran


Review by Markus Atzmüller

Great show. Nice venue. Good acoustic. Cheerful audience. Bob and his band
in excellent form. All in all a perfect Bob Dylan concert.

Here are my highlights:

1. Pay In Blood (strong & powerful)
2. She Belongs To Me (can't get enough of the arrangement)
3. Love Sick (Stu and Charlie showed themselves at their best)
4. Long And Wasted Years (usually not my Tempest favorite, but on stage
really impressive) 5. Tangled Up In Blue (very nice and smooth singing) 6.
Charlie Sextons guitar playing throughout the whole concert

Workingman's Blues #2 was a nice surprise, too (although I hoped for
Huck's Tune a little bit more).

The only low-point was Blowin' In The Wind. It's a mystery to me, why he
holds on to this horrible arrangement of his second encore-song. Why not
Forever Young, Knocking On Heavens Door ....

Additionally I was slightly disappointed that they changed the new
arrangement of High Water, which they did in Dublin and Istanbul, and
played the well known version.

My last concert was Salzburg 2012. So I have got eight new songs in my
tenth Bob Dylan concert since 1998 (6 x Tempest plus Waiting For You and
She Belongs To Me). That's a good rate and I'm really happy.

Many fans complain that Bob doesn't vary the setlists anymore (or at least
hardly). I was also a big fan of the 1998 - 2005 concerts. But after 2005
the quality of the performances went down rapidly (of course with
exceptions). But as Bob and the band are playing almost the same sets,
they get better and better and they are damn good on it!

Anyway, last night they were on fire!

Markus Atzmüller


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