Grand Junction, Colorado
Amphitheater at Las Colonias Park

July 1, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet


Bend to Grand Junction.
I will take the Zephyr train from AMTRAK company. Trains are usually more
expensive than the buses but a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately they
don't connect all the American cities and they are known for being late.
Mine was supposed to leave at 3.30am but will start rolling at 5am. The
sun is on the rise behind the mountains. Though I want to appreciate the
landscape as much as possible I also need to sleep. So I will snooze at
times. We reach Grand Junction by noon and I walk, in the heat, the one
hour and so to my motel. No couchsurfing and no hostel in Grand Junction.
My only option was a far away motel. I rest few hours before heading
downtown, this time with a city bus. I just realized the show is an open
air show. Not what I like the best for a BOB DYLAN performance,
particularly that nowadays setlist. A picnic.... And yes as soon as I
reach the amphitheater I see a line of picnickers armed with folded
chairs. They were not allowed in Bend. In fact in Bend security was tight.
Here....all relaxed! How will they be able to control so many ...cell
phones. As the only big restriction is cellphone allowed. What a
circus! In Bend what distracted me the most was the people drinking,
eating, chatting, screaming ..not paying attention to the stage. I'm
afraid that will be the same here. I stand by the side of the lawn on the
left side. I know few fans among those thousands. But The ones I know
won't speak to me. And what should I care? I couple of "freaks" spoke to
me before they open the gates and gave me a lawn ticket.
 I exchange for a painting print.
Thanks guys.
I try to focus on the stage. The Bob Dylan "preacher" is inside with a
girlfriend. Surprisingly he will be talking to me and seems to be
perfectly "normal". Rocky is alright when he is not in his "preaching
delirium". He even knows the show a lot better than all the supposedly
Hippies(dressed with dye shirts and hippy skirts) here tonight. Some folks
believe it's.... Woodstock again. But just remember Bob  Dylan was NOT in
Woodstock . I'm not sure how many know what Bob is doing , singing on
stage. Except the privileged with a seat in the front , nobody listens.
Few are up and dancing. 95% of the fans are .... sited. Or at the bar.
Nonetheless I have a good time. Dancing in my little corner. The show is
as usual except Bob wearing a beautiful black and white shirt and moving
center for his pose many times. He will play a long intro of "watching the
river flow" and blow his harp on "masterpiece". "Jimmy Reed" is my
highlight. When I finally forget about people around me. I run out right
when Bob leaves the stage and manage to sell few of my prints. But folks
are oblivious of my present for most of them. I stick around with Rocky
and his girl after the crowd had disappeared into the night. We chat about
the next few shows coming up. I recommend them to go to Dillon at least
for the nice experience and landscape. I know the show will be again a
picnic. And surprisingly that will be Rocky and his young girl who will
give me a ride to my motel. Where are the Bobcats? So the lesson of
the day is ; don't judge people by their appearance....the Hippies are
long time dead ... In their heart and mind! I had a philosophic day!  If
not a great show , at least a Bob Dylan reasonably good show. I'm moving
on for more surprises.


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