Borgholm, Sweden
Borgholms Slott
(Borgholm Castle)
July 3, 2001

[Anders Tidström ]

Review by Anders Tidström

   It was the most magical evening, July 3, when Bob Dylan and his band
   entered the stage. A beautiful warm and sunny day faded away under the
   blue sky. The stage is situated in the center of the ancient ruined
   castle of Borgholm which is on the island of Öland of the Swedish east
   coast.The swallows, high above our heads, took part in the whole
   concert as well as the human crowd of 4 500 in the inner yard of the
   castle. Another sold out show. If you want to follow every piece of the
   show formally you just have a look at the set list. In my opinion the
   whole show formed a remarkable unit so inspired you could ever wish;
   sensitive, rocking and communicative. The concert last year in
   Stockholm was not of this kind at all. There is an obvious risk to use
   clichés but in fact Dylan now was at his very best and the band more
   tight than ever. A real swinging evening where everybody felt good and
   the swallows got high and almost took a trip to the moon. Smiling faces
   everywhere and a tremendous atmosphere through the whole show - twenty
   pieces in a little more than two hours. Dylan used his harp six times
   this night including twice on Like a Rolling Stone. No doubt he was
   deeply engaged in this show. To tell some pieces above them all: a well
   sounding balanced Desolation Row, Lay Lady Lay with vibration in
   Dylan´s voice, a Tangled up in Blue which almost ruined the castle ruin
   as it swung, Girl of the North Country softly waving, All along the
   Watchtower rythmic and magical as I never heard before, Highway 61
   rocking in a super swinging version and finally Cats in the Well as the
   crown of rock ´n roll nobody knew of till now. Surprisingly nothing
   from Time out of Mind was in the air this night. Still, as always, we
   escaped from the phoney sphere of nostalgia - Dylan in fact never did a
   "Beach Boys concert". Dylan is enormously creative and present -
   doesn´t passionately look back! - as he uses the goods of yesterday.
   And as usual a mixed audience of all ages finds its way to the shows.
   Wow, what an evening!!! Probably the best show I´ve seen since my very
   first one (Stockholm 1966) - at least one on top! Indeed I feel pitty
   for the hard working Bill Pagel who had to cancel his original plans to
   join the show. And late at night outside my balcony on Hotel Strand in
   Borgholm the Dylan tour bus made a short stop. To pick somebody up - on
   the road to Germany. In the aft lounge a small man with a big hair bush
   relaxed beside a tv set. Going south - going on - welcome back! Thanks

                                     Anders Tidström


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