Fort Worth, Texas
Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic
Fort Worth Stockyards
40-acre North Forty Field
July 4, 2005

[Kevin Hadas]

Review by Kevin Hadas

Hot. Dusty. Hotter. 

Then the sun went down.  

Bob came on the stage in usual fashion, late but with energy.  Drifters
Escape was very energetic and together with only a couple of band
influenced wobbles near the end.  The crowd was growing inpatient and
running out of gas until Dylan saved the picnic with this wonderful
version.  Good sign if they have it together early.

I'll be your baby tonight-got everyone settled in and set the happy tone.

Absolutely Sweet Marie-best version I have heard in a while.  The crowd
was dancing and my wife claims she saw Bob smiling a couple of times
during this one.

You win Again-Willie came out for this and got the rest of the audience
involved.  There was even a hug after the song ended.  Good version, but I

Highway 61 Revisited-Usual. Average (which is still great), but perfect
timing after Willie and You Win Again.  We needed this after the 100 F day
in the sun.

Shooting Star-not my favorite song, but a good version.

Cold Irons Bound, Like a Rolling Stone, and All Along the Watchtower.  All
of these songs were incredible.  Full of energy and rockin'.  Bob the Band
and the audience were pumped.  The songs just flowed, with minimal breaks
and the night ended with AATW.  (By the way-may have been the greatest
version ever)

Finally, the show was great and worth the wait in the heat, dust and
sweat. Water was $3 and beer was $5.  Tickets were $42.  The Stockyards
are a great place to see a show (in October).

Other bands:  Cross Canadian Ragweed-a great band to see and I give these
guys a thumbs up, but I heard they play a lot of Neil (Young) and they
didn't which is the reason for only 1 thumb up.  They rock.

Doobie Bros-OK at best, played all their classics.

David Allen Cole-the worst piece of crap ever.  Talked about his good
buddy Kid Rock and then rapped like him.  Save your money.

Los Lonbalone Boys-played some blues I think?  Again save your $$. 

Kevin Hadas


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