Milan, Italy
Teatro degli Arcimboldi

July 4, 2023

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

I woke up with a good news;
sent me a credit. I will use it to book my last night in Milano 
in another hostel. I choose one with positive reviews and check 
in early. I can then relax and take a nap in the afternoon.
By 4.30pm I'm bored and decide to go to the venue , see if I 
can meet people there who I know.
I see the two same Italian fans who want autographes, mainly 
from the Band.
Band arrives by 5.30pm , stepping out of their bus.
I 'stalk' the parking lot for a while. Bob's bus is not 
protected. No way he will come close to it.
A garage door slightly opens and two security guys take position 
in front. Bob should be arriving soon. A black car, with Bob's 
security man in front, passes in front of me and drives inside 
the garage door. Bob is inside.
Noway the two fans will get any autographes. Not even from the 
This is the way it goes, nowadays 🤔
It doesn't matter. The most important is to see Dylan and his 
Band on stage.
[And those two guys didn't go to the show ???!!!😡].
So after a chat with a nice follower Stijn (thanks for the 
coffee😘), I search for a ticket.
Not easy.
But Ulie and Ulie's wife will offer me their extra Tix for 
that show tonight.
Great. No worry anymore.
Thank you soooo much.
I walk in and take my seat, all the way in the top. Under the 
Five seats around me are empty but will fill up later.
Nice fans on that section of Arcimboldi theater.
Nice reaction, cheering and applauding.
I see the stage remotely far but plainly visible.
See Bob shuffling his paper lyrics.
For me, where I seat( in middle ) the sound is perfect. I can 
hear Bob's voice clearly.
"Watching the river flow" is perfect. So is "Most likely...". 
Bob sitting and almost invisible.
Then standing for "Multitudes". I find "Black rider" 
particularly great tonight. Specifically the guitars and the 
echo. The audience is quiet. It's a moment of Magic. 
My highlight for tonight.
At some point Bob will say clearly "Grazie, Grazie, Grazie 
And "Baby tonight" is moving the public.
"My own version of you" (new version) always so good. "Serve 
somebody" powerful.
A big applause from the public that will cover Bob presenting 
Jerry Pentecost as the drummer, twice.  Before Doug Lancio 'on 
guitar', Bob Britt 'also on guitar', Donnie Heron 'on steel 
guitar ' and 'on bass Tony Garnier ( Big applause from the fans 
of ...Tony🤣). Then Bob presents again Jerry Pentecost on drums. 
To make sure he will get applause too. And I believe he was 
specifically good on "Serve somebody".
The show goes on without mistake or hesitation.
The BAND really really professional by now.
Bob not erratic on piano which makes the music clear, loud and 
A couple of 'grazie' and 'thank you'.
The 14th song is "That old black magic" and....
They start ,as an extra, a song I don't know.
"Broke down palace" another Grateful Dead song.
Absolutely faultless 😁
Then "Mother of muses".
We have on that 4th of July an extra song🤣
A long appreciated harp solo at the end of "Every grain of 
The show was another great show.
The audience is happy going out.
My day had been a good day and a great night.
Thanks Ulie and wife.
A group of 30 or so Fans follow Michele, the Italian ' leader',
 to a nearby Pizzeria where we finish the night and drink 
I have a ride with Nancy to home by 1 am.
And fall asleep right away.
Finally a great day in Milano.
Next Lucca and " I'm travelin' light and  I'm a-slow  coming 
home "😭
Thanks all good people 🥰


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