Denver, Colorado
Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre

July 5, 2022

[Peter Law], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Peter Law

Phones were put in pouches.  Dylan came out and all the members were in
silhouette – super cool effect – with Dylan holding a guitar for the
first time in years – unfortunately – this proved to be an ominous
forewarning of the muted 1.5 hour show.  On watching the river flow,
either the guitar was out of tune, or Bob was playing the wrong notes. 
After playing the verse and chorus on guitar, Bob shuffled back to the
safety of his piano.  No stage hand to take the guitar, nope, the
guitarist that is hidden behind the piano grabbed it and put it on the
shelf.  Why pay a roadie when a musician can do it just as well I guess. 
The highlight came early – False Profit.  Funky Groove, breaking into a
solid driving rhythm.  Pounding out the chords to the song in perfect time
– bringing the crowd to their feet for the first time – Dylan reaching
deep, to channel the ghost of Dylan past from 1999.  Sapped of energy,
Dylan’s fingers slowed down to the familiar plunk plink on piano in some
sort of jazz plinking.  Frequently out of time.  Frequently off key.  But
that is jazz right?  Even songs that were so powerful just a few months
ago were tired…..Key West was fantastic in Albuquerque – muted
tonight.  I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give My Heart To You – was an
impassioned masterpiece just a few months ago – tonight felt like he was
singing it to a stray dog.  I knew Serve Somebody was coming…..I
remember the power as the song reached it’s crescendo – nope – it
seemed like we were past curfew and 9:15 and had to mellow out – but new
lyrics that seemed pretty cool.  One last hope was Jimmy Reed, but when
Charlie the drummer pulled out the brushes – my hope was dashed.  Every
Grain of Sand is such an incredible song.  The writing is just superb. 
Bob knows it.  The crowd knew it. And I knew it.  Thank God he didn’t
end with some lame song.  Bob, you don’t need the money.  Get some rest.
 Maybe just play two shows a week.  Has to be grueling for a man in his
80’s.   Go see him while you still can.

On an interesting note, there were two microphones placed near the front
of the stage – maybe they are recording these two shows for a future
bootleg series.


Review by Laurette Maillet

Denver 1. July 5th
From Dillon I took a free bus to Frisco then the BUSTANG company bus.
We arrive on time in Denver.
As the Temple Hoyne Buell is on my way to my hostel I pass by.
It's a theater in a square or theaters. Good thing it is covered by a glass 
roof. At least we won't be under the rain.
Nothing is happening so I keep on walking and check in my Hostel, 20 
minutes walk away.
I rest until 4pm. I have nothing to do and I need a ticket for the show, 
so I walk back...
The musicians bus is already parked. 
I try to find some Dylan fans but at this hour there is nobody around.
By 5pm the Dylan security is ready for ... something.
Bobby's bus pulls in and Bobby steps out covered in a green raincoat 
and a chirurgical white mask. I see him chat few seconds with Bob Britt.
Fine. I'm not sure if there is a soundcheck but...who knows?
By 6pm I search for a ticket. The show is far away for being sold out.
Surprisingly one of the ushers comes to me and asks if I need a ticket. 
I say ,"yes" she says a Lady has an extra she wants to give!
I catch that Lady at the time she is getting in and she asks the usher 
another paper ticket. As she has e-tickets on her phone , they are 
converted in paper tickets.
I step in.
My seat is on the balcony, but center balcony.
I don't want to be squeezed among fans I don't know.
I know some rows are not sold out on the left side of the balcony.
I move there and take a seat. I will have two entire empty rows in 
front of me and one behind me and nobody in my row
I can see the stage from above.
Bob starts 8.02pm
He is playing his guitar for the intro of
 "watching the river flow" entirely in dark. The lights floor are not 
Same with the harmonica intro of "when I paint my Masterpiece" the 
center "melancholy mood"  is also partially in the dark.
Only when he presents himself after "My own version of you" I can 
see he is wearing his red/burgundy shirt.
He mumbles something before "Key west" and says twice " Thank 
you everybody" but that's it for the talk, adding a rapid presentation 
of the Band.
 Paradoxical tonight my highlight will be "Key west". I thing the two 
guitar players are doing a good job and Bob doesn't overplay his piano.
The audience is a lot more appreciative than Dillon. They seem to 
know and appreciate what  is happening on stage.
So I enjoy myself, all by myself. Feeling in my living room watching a 
video I try to sell some of my Art, but except one of my "followers" 
who hands me some money... I'm not successful.
I walk back for a good night sleep.


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