Tulsa, Oklahoma
Drillers Stadium
July 6, 2005

[Michael Sanditen], [Cortney McKay]

Review by Michael Sanditen

The show in Tulsa tonight was frickin awesome! We all got drilled at
Driller stadium by Bob and his band ! Seen him here in Tulsa and elsewhere
several times, but this was at his best. Too much fun.

Best song selection I have ever heard him put together in a single show.
Opened with a solid Tombstone and then a terrific She Belongs to Me with
Bob in animated harmonica stage center form between crooning the lyric
while crouching to gain breath through his harp like a lead guitarist over
his strat. Tweedle Dee soooo solid....the sound system was better than I
can ever remember with Bob's lyrics as clear and crisp as ever.

The highlight for me was Maybe You Go Your Way, And I'll Go Mine! It was
like Todd Rundgren's version only with more zip and energy, a rollicking
funk down . I was still singing this on the way home. It had the biggest
impact of the evening. Time will tell when you go your way and I go

Other standouts were Visions of Johanna, Just Like a Woman (tremendous
harp playing here), Tweedle Dee, My Back Pages (I am younger than that
now), Blind Willie, and High Water. Highway 61 at the end was fat and
reelin' cool. The sound of the band was thick all evening. A really nice
and pristine version of Don't Think Twice and a huge sounding Watchtower
to end the show.

All in all, the beautiful cool summer night (highly unusual for July in T
town) and the solid musicianship made for a great time by all. The crowd
was really into Bob. Grate jamming by the band throughout and never a slip
up for the entire evening. I was surprised how fit and tight this band is
in light of their transition from just two years ago.

Bye and bye, a wonderful way to spend the tenth anniversary of my last
Grateful Dead show! Thanks Bob for creating the magic of the moment and
continuing to bring the spirit of all those past times. Indeed, true
American rock and folk fusion.

Love That Bob,
Michael J. Sanditen
Always living on Tulsa Time


Review by Cortney McKay

I went into to Drillers Stadium a bit skeptical of the opening Green Cards.  However, my skepticism
was a bit rude, for they were quite good.  The next pleasure of the night was Willie Nelson who came 
out with his typical two braids hanging down.  He seemed to be in his usual good spirited mood.  He 
was very active with the audience and waved multiple times to people in the crowd.  His setlist for 
the night was rather predictable.  Willie did songs such as "Georgia On My Mind" and "Crazy."

The best part of the evening of course was Bob Dylan!  Bob's "Tombstone Blues" was a great fast song 
to start the show off.  It was full of energy and was as much fun as the original recording.

The next song, "She Belongs to Me" was a bit of a shocker I thought.  I had not really expected him 
to do that song, but thoroughly enjoyed it.  I don't exactly remember the pace of the song, but 
merely the visual lyrics that Dylan put forth.  

"Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum" was its usual lively self.

"Just Like a Woman" was really wonderful I thought.  I was just so incredibly happy to hear something 
off of Blonde on Blonde!  It is such a good song and he clearly conveyed it with all its beauty and 
truth.  In this song and in all the songs of the night Bob really projected what he sang.  The words 
were no mystery to those who were familiar with them because there was no mumbling of the words.

"High Water (For Charley Patton)" is one of my favorites off of "Love and Theft."  Having driven down 
from the Kansas City area to Tulsa it was so great to hear him sing, "made it to Kansas City Twelfth 
Street and Vine."

"Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)" had a lot of energy to it…no complaints from me.  I 
thought it was a nice choice.

"Blind Willie McTell" had even the people up front confused for a while.  The initial word was that 
he was playing "Senor."  Though when Dylan sang, it became evident what was being played.

"Honest With Me" the second "Love and Theft" number of the night and was as spectacular as ever.

"My Back Pages" was the next song and it was pretty breathtaking.  The lyrics kind of send chills 
down your spine… there is just such a reality to the words, "I was so much older then, I'm younger 
than that now."  I kind of propped my hand up on the railing to hold my head up and then stood there 
in awe admiring Bob and his band do this one.  Standing there with all my attention focused on the 
song and the wonderful harmonica playing, my life troubles floated out of my head.

"Cold Iron Bounds" was very hyped up and exciting.  "I went to church on Sunday, she passed by, my 
love for her is taking such a long time to die."  How can anyone not love a song that starts out 
like that?

The next song, "Visions of Johanna" blew me away.  I think I might have stood there for a minute 
with my mouth kind of half open.  I was just so amazed that I was actually hearing that song live!  
It is such an incredible song.  When Bob said, "Mona Lisa musta had the highway blues, you can tell 
by the way she smiles," the crowd definitely responded!

"Highway 61 Revisited" the final number before the encore and had a lot of energy to it, I think 
the band probably enjoys this one quite a bit!

It is a mystery lately I think as to what the mysterious Bob Dylan is going to play for the first 
song of the encore.  I would have liked "Tangled Up in Blue" or even "Lovesick" but his "Don't 
Think Twice, It's Alright" is a classic and more familiar to those in the crowd who are not diehard 
fans.  So overall, a good number to perform to close such a good night.

Finally, the ever popular "All Along the Watchtower" ended the night.  Whether you think it is an 
original Jimi Hendrix or you know that it comes off of John Wesley Harding it is a great song for 
all to enjoy!


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