Denver, Colorado
Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre

July 6, 2022

[Bob Storch], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Bob Storch

A lot of water under the bridge, a lot of other stuff too since my last
Bob Dylan show on 11/1/2014 at the Bellco Theatre, which is right next
door to tonightís venue, The Buell Theater. A lot about downtown Denver
has changed since that Dylan show of 2014, but I am happy to report the
only thing that has changed about Bob Dylan is he keeps getting better and
is still going strong at 81 years old.  It was a rare rainy night in
Denver and there was no indication at the Buell Theatre that Bob Dylan
would be playing a show this night. No posters, no signs, nothing about
Dylan on the big flashing sign at the front of the arts complex.

The Buell, which host very few music concerts, is home to Broadway
musicals in Denver. The theater holds just under 5,000 and it was close to
full house to bring down the curtain on this leg of the spring /summer
2022 Rough and Rowdy ways tour.

Watching the River Flow.  Lights down Bob in the shadows and playing
guitar to open the show. If you didnít know it was Bob playing guitar
going into the night you might have missed it. Great opening to a great
night of music which spotlighted a very alive and well Bob Dylan. So much
of the show is Bob Dylan and his band hiding in the shadows of the night
while playing great music in plain sight. Donít expect a spotlight or Bob
to come out from behind the piano except for a few unsteady bows and then
right back to the comfort of the keyboard from which Bob captains the
ship. Bob Dylan's vocals were right on tonight stretching out the words
and holding some notes and pulling all the punchlines,  like when he sang,
" When you go your way . . . . . . . .   and I go mine."

Then there is Bob's keyboard playing.  I love Dylanís piano playing. Itís
like his harp playing, he makes some strange choices and not always
hitting the keys you might expect but all the pieces fit into the puzzle.
Watching the show from the top balcony, thru tear-filled eyes, I think to
myself, has there ever been an 81-year-old singer songwriter touring with
a 17-song set which contains 9 new songs? Who does that?  Imagine those
British bad Boys the Rolling Stones playing new 9 songs in concert? I
donít think so. But not only is Dylan playing almost his entire new album
but the new songs from Rough and Rowdy ways are the highlight of the show.
 Most of the new song didn't sound like they sounded on the album but all
the arrangements work. The new band members bring a new sound and
intensity to the night. And longtime bass player Tony Garnier ďthe oldest
member of the bandĒ seem reenergized standing between the new drummer
Charley Drayton and new guitar player Bob Britt, who is a great addition
to the band. Crossing The Rubicon was amazing.  Iíll be your baby tonight
starting with a harp solo and then took about 4 left turns before that big
old moon's shined like a spoon. Gotta Serve Somebody was as close to a hit
as the set list provided. I Made up My Mind to Give my Self to You was a
highlight. Followed up by a surprise performance of That Old Black Magic. 
Under that old Bob Dylan magic called love.

Bob Storch


Review by Laurette Maillet

Denver 2 and final of that tour. July 6th.
I wake up late (8.30am), drink my tea in the communal dinning room of 
that nice hostel and get ready to visit the Art Museum, two blocks away.
I spend† four hours and a half refreshing my mind and getting inspiration. 
7 floors of outstanding Art: indigenous, latin American, Asian, European 
impressionists, American...
Time to refresh and be ready for the second Denver show and sadly the 
last one of that tour.
I reach the theater by 5.30pm. The buses are parked. Any rehearsal?
By 6pm patrons start arriving. I chat with a Fan who doesn't appreciate 
so much Bobby's piano playing† :)
Oh well! Bob Dylan never said he was Lang Lang :)
I'm relaxed. I'm pretty sure to find a ticket. And if not I'll be able to buy 
one, thanks to the generousity of good people.
A young guy who saw me previously says he has an extra one.
I offer him and myself a drink before the show. Pretty unusual for me 
but I feel thirsty and it's early.
By 7.30pm we get in with a more than relaxed security:)
I explain to my young friend how to get an empty seat on the floor. 
I used to do it but... I'm getting old:(
I prefer to take an empty seat on the balcony where I can observe 
the whole stage.
Charley is quite an inspiration. I saw him using the pearls again. And I 
can see Doug.
I take a seat on a totally empty row, hoping for a quiet show.
I have no expectations. I've been through this before. Bob Dylan will 
not do a specific song just because it's the last show of a Tour.
What do I know?
Bob picks up his guitar and plays in the dark. All 6 musicians 
silhouetted on the back curtain.
"Watching the river flow"Is powerful. So no low down energy tonight :)
"False prophet" is a Jewel. Bobby's voice is at his top.
And absolutely ALL the songs will be highlights. Even though "Serve 
somebody" was better with the previous arrangement, without the 
piano break.
The public is wild. A girl is dancing on the loge and a super Fan, front 
row is constantly up to applause his face :)
Maybe he is the one suggesting a song and Bob answers. Something 
like " yeah it's a good one, but not tonight".
Except his quick presentation of the Band this is the only talk he will make.
No "thank you everybody"no "thank you Art lovers".
Just an additional word and laughs in "I'll be your baby tonight" that he 
starts with an harp intro and torch it through the night. Yeah! Maybe this 
one was the truly highlight.
He is wearing a flashy light green shirt. Putting a splash of colour in the 
other way dark stage.
As I am ready for "Melancholy mood" Tony and the guitar players gather 
around Bob. Oh!oh!
And they explode in a rocky version of "That old black magic".
The audience explodes as well!
Yoo..OOO! Thank you Bobby!
No mistake on "Jimmy Reed" this time. (He did the night before.)
"Every grain of sand" is really emotional. That is the last time I see 
Bob Dylan ... Before long.
I focus on that green shirt :):)
One of the best show on that tour.
My best day : No worry for the food, no worry for the transportation,
no worry for the night, no† worry for the ticket.
Bye bye Bobby. Thank you for all.
See you in... Europe?????


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