Sauget, Illinois
GMC Stadium
July 8, 2005

[John Pruski], [Matt Parker]

Review by John Pruski

The local St. Louis papers ran ads for the Bob Dylan - Willie Nelson show, just across the river 
from Downtown St. Louis, saying "Be in Town Early." Well we were early, not only because we're 
locals, but also because we are loco para Bob Dylan!

The Greencards began the day by playing a lunch time promo mini set on local radio, then treated 
us to a fine opening set from 6:30 sharp until about 7 pm.  Willie Nelson came up shortly 
thereafter playing so much great familiar material, that it was a shame that we were then seated 
in the stands, which were noisy, busy, and sunny. For Bob's set my friends RuthAnn, Jim, and Nina 
stayed in the stands, but I headed up front, thus out into the outfield. From near the stage I 
could see dusk, that the stands virtually full (only 900 of 9000 tickets were left a day before 
the show), but naturally I didn't need to see the  large video screen that was basically for the 
fans in the stands behind the soundboard.

I'm glad I did wiggle my way up to the front, because Bob and Band were truly great. The show 
began with several country-ish songs, the first three with Donnie on fiddle. The highlight of 
these was my first ever live "If You See Her, Say Hello," and what a great rendition it was. 
Bob played "If You See Her" a few times on the spring tour, and tonight's version was the second 
by my count of this current tour, each played in the number two slot.

I think since the spring tour that the new band has seasoned well, and the show tonight was very 
well balanced.  The mid show shows were mostly crowd pleasers. I could hear Bob's piano playing 
well tonight, with he and the band playing some riffs and getting into new grooves on HW 61 and 
Summer Days, as I remember. Moreover, I could hear Bob's sing much more clearly tonight than I 
did this spring. I was a bit to the right of center tonight and I could hear Donnie and Denny 
(mostly on his classy Hollow Body throughout) a bit better than Stu. Although Bob seems to be 
playing "Positively 4th Street" more and more these days, I never tire of it, as it is one of 
my all time favorite songs. Tonight's version was just as great and slow as other recent 
renderings, and all told I'd have to say "Positively 4th Street" and "If You See Her, Say Hello" 
were my favorite songs of tonight's great concert. While the main set ended with Summer Days as 
is to be expected, the Watchtower-less encores of "
Love Sick" and LARS were a nice surprise.

All in all, I'd say tonight's great show must surely rank up there with the others from this 
summer's tour with Willie Nelson. Hats off to Bob Dylan and his great Band!

John Pruski


Review by Matt Parker

Another scorcher in St. Louis on July 8.  Was in a prime mood just flying
in from a weekend in Chicago on business that included backstage passes to
the John Hiatt, NMAS show at Grant Park.  The Green Cards were
fantastic..very impressed...Willie I thought was in fine form as well.

I have seen Dylan many times over the years including an outstanding show
at the Iowa State Fair 2 or three years ago and an excellent performance
with the Dead in Illinois. I love Bob Dylan.  Dylan was flat out awful
last Friday night.  His band was good but he was off key both muscially
and vocally (yeah I know he's is puposefully off key many times).  He had
a bad night, and the set list was one of the weaker ones of the Tour so
far...Very Weak..some material from his recent records.....admittedly not
my favorites..lacked any cohesive momentum or energy and were lyrically
unintelligable....Lay Lady Lay and Stuck Inside Of Mobile were
Trainwrecks...The best concert I have ever seen was the 1981 or 1982 Shot
Of Love Tour with Dylan and the back up singers...with William Smitty
Smith on Organ...The Dylan portion of the concert on Friday was one of the
worst concerts I have ever seen.  Wish I had better news to report from
the front.  My friends 18 year old son may have put it best when
indicating that he did not want to see Dylan because he did not want his
Idealized vision of Dylan shattered.  I think he makes a point..But I
disagree with him in the sense that there is something noble and
courageous about the aging troubadour out on the road at age 65 trying to
bring it as best he can....But there was tear in my eye as I left the show
(early) on Friday night...This was the last time I would see Dylan
live.......Not by choice...but I felt it in my bones....

Matt Parker
St. Louis, MO


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