Benidorm, Spain
Plaza de Canalejas
Plaza de Toros
July 9, 2004

[Angel Uriarte], [Jose Luis Muñoz]

Review by Angel Uriarte

All these places showed an easy audience, be it for the heat or the age of the people. Many europeans 
couples in their 50s, many locals attending a Bob show for the first time, and many young couples in 
love. As soon as Bob played his harp for the first time a fireworks went off from some place i couldnt 
tell, small and short but nice. Hazel was appropiate for a place like this, lovable. Girl from the north 
very emotive in it's new form, a form which i like to think uses Bob so he doesnt waste too much energy.
With Tweedle Dee i decided to put all the beers to work and jumped from my seat to dance it all the way.
So much action did bob put into it that i came down to the arena for the fiesta that was coming. And 
again we rocked with Highway, Honest and Summer days, this song being a way of showing the people of all 
ages that bob and his band can make you dance if they want to. Shooting star was again perfect for a 
Benidorm night, and with Tambourine, everybody to heaven.

I had been with two guys from  the Rolling Stone magazine that were covering the show and writing and 
article about bob fans, it was their first bob show so i had to explain them a couple of things, and by
Mr Tambourine they were shocked.

Bob kind of mixed a fast song with a slow one. He seemed rested and so  did the band, the show was very 
good indeed and the beers helped a lot.



Review by Jose Luis Muñoz

The show in Benidorm was really great. I’d been in two Dylan’s shows in
Valencia (1995 and 1999) and this last one was the best. Benidorm is a
very famous tourist city and you could see it in the show, very
different kinds of people, young and old people… The bullring seemed to
be full. It’s was strange cause the show started 10 minutes before the
time show. A rock version of “driftter’s escape”  opened the show.
“Hazel” was a great surprise, Bob was great in this song. “Cry a while”
sounded similar to the album version. “Girl of the north country” was
strange with its new arrangement, I think many people didn’t recognize
it till the song was advanced. Now the great moment arrived; three
powerful versions of “Tweedle Dee…”, “Love Sick” and “Most Likely…”.

“Tweede Dee” sounded very similar to the album but guitars were very rock,
stronger than in the album. “Love Sick” was also great, at this moment the
crowd was happy. “Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)” was the
best song of the show in my opinion. The version is longer than the album
version, the song sounded perfect and Bob was fantastic singing and
playing harp. When this song ended the crowd was very happy. Another great
rock version of “Highway 61” followed the show. Two songs from Time Out Of
Mind went on: “Cold Irons Bound” and “Make You Feel My Love”. These
sounded quite well, amazing version of “Cold Irons Bound” with its masked
and anonymous version. “Shooting Star” liked a lot the crowd, and “Honest
With Me” was unbelievable, it sounded really heavy. “If Dogs Run Free” was
correct and “Summer Days” was very good.

The encore was also great, I really didn’t like the version of “Mr
Tambourine Man”, I think it was the worst song of the show. “Like A
Rolling Stone” and “All Along The Watchtower” were fantastic. 

Anyway a great show with very good sound. Bob sang fantastic and the band
played also very well. I hope Bob comes back here very soon.


page by Bill Pagel

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