Cordoba, Spain

35th Guitar Festival
Theatre Axerquia

July 9, 2015


Review by Cris

Since I found Bob Dylan in a concert in Portugal, I attended a few of his  
concerts mainly in Spain because unfortunately he was here only 2 times after 
that.  And for me it would be very difficult to not be in his presence every time 
I got a chance.  He goes to the deeper of each one of us, he has a kind of 
magic which explains the incredible personal things we do to get there. 

This was the best of all the concerts I have attended.

Thought I would not be prepared to the new songs and the Sinatra songs 
but I was totally wrong. They are all wonderful. He sings so fantastically well 
these days that I can say that when we think he can't be better, we find 
he always can be a little better!

My favorites were (maybe, it's difficult to choose) Duquesne Whistle (with 
that particular pace), Full Moon And Empty Arms (so sweet), High Water (so 
powerful) and Forgetful Heart (it moved me to tears). But Ive adored each 
one of them. 

The band is absolutely divine, too.

Bob's black hat and suit had somehow a touch of Andalucia and fit him 
extremely good. He looked really nice.

The security at the fantastic and beautiful open space theater was ver tight. 

I am so grateful I have conditions to go there, and Im looking forward seeing 
him again, next year, I hope. I feel really blessed because I can see him each 
time he comes near.



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