Erfurt, Germany


July 9, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Erfurt. 8th of July. I arrive 6.10 pm. Only 5 minutes late with Flixbus. As
instructed by Anushka, my CS host, I take the tram 1 all the way to the
end. I got lost in the few meters around the apartments blocks! Anushka
prepares a Chinese meal (her mother is from China and she had been
raised in China by her grandparents). I prepare my air mattress. Take a
shower and ... Sleep well! July 9th. I take the tram back to center town by
10 am and as I buy myself a coffee and donut I bump into a Bobcat. We sit
at the Cafe for hours talking about....Bob Dylan. We agree on many points
and I'm happy to find a Fan who has my philosophy about Dylan. By now I
decide to tram to the venue, just to check. The Jazzopen is just a huge
space for shows or exhibits and there is nothing around. So I go back in
center town for a walk and coffee. I tram again to the venue to arrive on
time for the sound check. An early one at 3.30 pm. Nothing much is
happening. But as I walk around I bump into a Fan (occasional one) 
looking for food. I instuct him that the best is to tram to the city
center. We do. We spend one hour or so talking about... Bob Dylan. But
this time Joe is surprised by my stories.Back to the venue. Time to
search for a ticket. Though the venue is huge, few thousands seats, I
just remember than we are in East Germany and it is not a great place for
"free" tickets.I find my way in, anyway, and take a seat on the right
section but up on the ring. I can see the totality of the stage. Good for
a change.The venue is packed on the floor with seats empty, here and
there, but globaly full. Right away the first song is powerful   "Things
have changed" is crystal clear. Bob in white. The boys in black. (But that
I knew for I saw the costumes being brought inside.) Bob will wear his
black hat until "Pay in blood". Each one of his word is clearly
pronounced. The mic sound is well balanced. The Band is together. I
particularly like George on his drums tonight. I am all by myself on my
row and the audiance will be extremely respectful. Only few folks are
moving away during the show. No talking. No heavy drinking. No mobile in
the air. Bob will pick up, again, the wrong harmonica on "Make you feel my
Love". "Can't wait" and "Girl" tonight.  2 highlights in a totally
different tempo. Even "Trying to get to heaven" captures my attention. I
try to move front for the encore and it is alright until a certain point.
Fans stand on the aisle and front. I see Bob's profile clearly. The public
is happy and I don't see any security problem. Already the end! I go to
have a beer downtown with some followers and we talk about...Bob Dylan.
By now it is past midnight and I catch the last tram home. Great day. Great
Fans. Great show. Great Bobby tonight. It feels that the Tour should never

Review by Laurette Maillet


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