San Sebastian, Spain

Donostia Arena

July 11, 2015

[Chris Hawkes], [John Hayes]

Review by Chris Hawkes

My 23rd Dylan concert since 1981 Earls Court, travelled the globe to see
Bob play and loved Bob forever. Dear Bob, Getting a little bored of the
current set. I really understand your need to remain contemporary and play
your new material, that's cool, but hey many of your followers and fans I
see at your concerts are really young, a new genre of fans all wanting to
hear your music. The classic music of the 60s, 70s and 80s is all new to
them and just like in last night's "She Belongs to Me" you can bring these
songs to life and to your new and old fans make these tunes "contemporary"
.... Just a thought. Bt the way, I love Frank Sinatra, saw him in concert
and I often sing his songs in the shower, you should try that sometime and
give us all a break.... Just a thought. Bob and the band seemed in good
spirits last night... Why do the Spanish fans constantly have to talk
instead of listening  to the concert? Made it very hard to engage with the
music.  I've had the privilege of seeing Bob at some awesome venues, like
Carcassonne, this wasn't one. Had to wait until nearly 10pm for the show
to start presumably so the clear glass roof went in to darkness.
Ticketmaster Spain, get real guys, have a look at some of the other
Ticketmaster sites and see how they do things. Make it clear where the
concert venue is that would be a good start. Printable tickets is easy to
do these days, 40 to post out tickets is a little expensive. Ok whinge
over ... Always great to get to a concert, look forward to Manchester, a
new line up, some songs from the past, Sinatra banished to the shower, oh
and a better sound engineer... Well you have to believe it could
happen.... See you there. 

Chris Hawkes


Review by John Hayes

So when a Dylan concert coincides with a holiday it is good news for all.
Despite some difficult times at home we still got away for a week in San
Sebastian, swimming at la. Concha beach, walking along the cliffs,
cruising the pincho bars in the old town was fantastic in itself, but then
add a Bob concert and its heaven of course. The venue itself was easy to
get to and I met a fantastic couple of young fans David and Natalia who
had made the trip over from England just for the concert. An Argentinian
artist who was big in Spain in the 90s opened. They went down well with
the crowd, a few of whom were only there to see them and left when Bob
came on. I will not go into great detail as the list was as expected
till...lucky old me... got Lucky old sun, which I love and has not been
played for quite some time. Other highlights for me were working man's
blues, simple twist of fare and long and wasted years, which brought the
crowd to its feet and kept them standing. So once again a fantastical show
with Bob in and the band in amazing form. So thanks bob, see you next year
and thanks too to my long suffering family for allowing this to be a part
of our much needed holiday.


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