Perpignan, France

La Palestre
July 13, 2006

[Guillem Turon]

Review by Guillem Turon

It was my 2nd Dylan show in 1 week and the 8th overall. I'd just seen him
last week at Cap Roig and I could say both shows were average shows. In
Cap Roig maybe more highs and lows and yesterday at Le Cannet in a more
regular level.

First of all I would like to say something about the rumour that someone
was talking about a show (I think it was Gelsenkirchen) were there were
audience mics, so that we could think on a live album. Yesterday there
were two mics focused to the audience on both sides of the stage and it
made me think of that. The other thing is that these mics probably weren't
very useful yesterday, because the audience was veyr very silent. I'll
talk about it later.

Another remarcable point is that there was a mic at the center of the
stage. I was aware of this before the show and I thought Bob could sing
standing up and even play guitar (there was an electric guitar between the
keyboard and the drum that remained unused during the whole concert. And
so did the central mic. Before the encores someone of the staff went to
take the guitar and it disappeared not being used at all. Bob had been
thinking in the possibility to play some song with guitar and decided to
not do it during the concert? Many of us know that Bob prepares the
setlist with some double possibilities and decides on stage.

The beginning gave force for me to the rumours of live album. Great
Maggie's farm, great singing by Bob. Very professional everybody, even
him. And so with The times they are a-changin', but Bob was not so
concentred in singing in that. But Ithink he was very concentred in the
harp solo. He gone back, far from the mic and tried the solo for his own
just before the time he had to play it. I was close to the stage and
without any doubt he was playing but we couldn't hear it. Then he did a
great great solo. But when it was ending... ooops! I think he got a wrong
note. His face seems to show the same feeling ("ooops!"). This masde me
think more about a possibility of a live album. But probably this is it:
simply a possibility.

Then he did Tweedle Dee and not Down along the cove as I hoped (it sounded
great at Cap Roig). I didn't like much Tweedle Dee nor Mr. Tambourine Man,
songs I'm not really very fond of and that I think he could do better.

Great performance of the great version of It's alright ma and then, a
correct Every grain of sand; better than the 2004 performance in Barcelona
but far from the Shot of love version, for me a masterpiece. And then
Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues AGAIN. Seems that Bob wants
to play this song every time I go to see him. Well, that's good. I liked
it as usual.

In this song, when Bob sang the line "speaking to a french girl" he moved
up his eyes to the public and said "yeah!", and continued. Today I've read
in a Nice newspaper he didn't relate to the audience at all apart of the
singing, but I think that's not true at all. We all know Bob and that he
don't use to talk much to the public, but I think yesterday he was in a
great mood and he tried to relate to us a lot, but the public didn't give
him much. From the beginning of the show I saw his strange faces,
expressing... I don't know, anything, maybe simply he feels great doing
that song. He danced, he put himself on his toes to one side and the
other. He looked at the audience from side to side... Even at the
beginning of All along the watchtower he said something to George Recile
that made both laugh. And Bob laughed a lot, with his mouth open and
showing his teeth. I thought he wouldn't be able to start singing when he
was supposed to, but he stopped laughing just before that moment and
started normally. And when he presented the band he added something I
think it was about the hot. Said something that ended with something
similar to "never before" and, I think, that they'd have to gave them
"water or beer". It was really hot there and I saw him go to the back of
the stage, take off his hat and shake his hair with his hands. By the way,
at the end, with the lights off, he took off his hat again and they
lighted the stage again when he hadn't put it on again and everyone was
able to see there's not so much hair in his head as years before. He put
on the hat very fast.

Well... I was talking of Stuck inside of Mobile. Then a correct Blind
Willie McTell (a song I was wanting to hear live for years!) and Most
likely you'll go your way.

Then the best version I heard of Just like a woman since At Budokan if Bob
hadn't sung. The band did great, fantastic, and his solo was good too. The
singing... pfff, he could have done better even now. But I have to say the
"It was raining from the first" sounded great with his yesterday's
singing. He really tried to make the public sing, but he didn't succeed. I
felt alone answering "Just like a womaaaaaan" when he said "she takes..."
and all those things. He said "she takes" and gave a look to th audience
as he was saying "OK, let's go, boys", but there wasn't any response...
apart from the mine and, I suppose a few many. And he kept trying during
all the song. I haven't seen him so expressive many times (I only remember
un 1993 in Barcelona with same song, but there the audience was
spontaneous and he changed his usual singing to adapt to our strange
singing, but you could see he was really content). I felt sad because it
would have been great.

Then came a Honest with me without its characteristic riff. It sounded a
little strange without it. I thought it meant he wouldn't play Highway 61
and that my mother (who was seating at the back) would have to go without
hearing any of her favourites for the first time. But it wasn't so.
Highway 61 came at the end (shorter than at Cap Roig, where they recreated
a lot with the ending) after the strange new version of Girl of the north
country (I liked it much better yesterday than a week before).

And finally, the two usual encores, that are beginning to sound too usual.
What about rotating 3 or 4 songs? For a moment, it seemed there could be a
3rd encore when the lights remained off for a while meanwhile the audience
was shouting and giving a large applause (I think the audience didn't
worked for it during the performances), but there wasn't.

Well, I hope there will be more reviws from me next year, if Bob comes
back near to my hometown.


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