July 16, 2012

[Roberto Destefanis]

Review by Roberto Destefanis

This was the 10th of my dylan's concerts and this was the best (also seen 
Viareggio and Alcatraz). The statue of an Oscar with two bracelets hanging 
down particularly inspires Bob or maybe it's the wine of my country or something
like that, but he was in a really great mood. The grand piano has added
something to the concert avoiding the monotony of last autumn's concerts.
The band touched the perfection in many moments of the show, and sometimes
went beyond. George Recile specially, he looked kissed by the Music's God.
The same disastrous beginning of ever, with Bob forgetting the words of
Leopard skin, but then something happened, and Simple twist of fate was the
most beautiful live performance I've ever seen, and the saddest one as it
has to be. Great a Hard rain's gonna fall, desperate and persuasive until
the last rhymes, when Bob gave a breath of hope to umanity and the crowd
with such an energic finale.

Other highlines were I'll be your baby tonight, High water, and the
inevitable All along the watchtower.

I say again, the band was perfect nearly over all the show.
I've always regretted I couldn't see the Rolling thunder review' shows, but
honestly i complain also who couldn't be in Piemonte last night, to be

Unfortunately there was too much tension among the crowd and the location
wasn't probably fit to such a concert. But the wine and nice landscape
compensate it for. And Bobster.

Roberto Destefanis


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