Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Monte do Gozo
Xacobeo 2004
July 17, 2004

[Markus Schrör]

Review by Markus Schrör

Start with the only bad thing of the evening: it was just a festival-set
and not a full set, but you should be glad with what you got and it was
really great, one of the best shows I saw in my bob-Life with a very young
but incredible crowd! Anyway, the holiday-week before the festival I did
in Galicia was great, wonderful part of Spain, I can recommend everybody!

Some general things in the begining: it was my third show on the tour
after London and Worms and my special interest was on the play of Stu
Kimball. I was a fan of Charlie Sextons play, I liked Fredie Koella on the
last years tours and so I was excited, what next. Kimbal played very
defensive in London because of the apearence of Ron WOOD, I guess, Worms
was good, but Santiago he did an incredible work. Not in the front - Bob
ruled the band with clear hints to everybody all the time - but with great
play when he was told to and his play together specially with Charlie for
me sounded nearly perfect.

The venue itself was a huge open air theater outside of the pilgrim town
of santiago, a 3-day festival with Bob on the last day, sometimes a not
really perfect organisation - specially in all sanitary needs - but very
friendly people, helping you with everything you ask for and an
unbelievable crowd. After the set and the encores, there have been corals
like in an football-stadium. The mostly young crowd really admired him!
The day before there was a cool but very good Lou Reed on the stage,
followed by an fantastic concert of THE CURE, so it was a tough job to top
them , but he did! 

Clear with his voice from the beginning, he rocked the house with great
opener Maggies farm, the best sound of all the performances in this
festival I heard,very variable harp-playing in the most of the songs and -
I told so - as one of high-point of the concert the guitar-play of Stu

Some words to some of the songs:

If there was one weeker performance on the day, than may be a very
standard tambourine man  

the best Tom Thumb I ever heard!

I dont believe you: I met this song first time in my personal
Bob-Concert-history, I love the song and this great performance with Larry
playing the original melodie and Bob singing to the counter-part- playing
Stu (hope, you understand, what I want t say, sorry about my english)

Like a Rolling Stone:I love this version, Stu on guitar and Larry on the
steel guitar, it fits perfect together on the song. 

All along the watchtower: the best guitar-play on this song sins Jimi

One song, I want to talk a little more about, is Boots of spanish leather:
naturally, the spanish crowd loved him just to sing this song on there
home, but how he did! My personal feeling after all 50-something-times, I
saw him in concerts: if he has an own favourite song to perform, it is
Boots. He always takes care of it, I heard so much different performances,
a great one in Taormina Juli 2001, he saved and changed a lost concert in
Nürnberg April 2002 completely just with this song, may be the best
version ever with incredible agressivness, love and feeling on the same
time in Hamburg last year and now this wonderful ballad again I heard in
Santiago. I really felt myself near the tears, the all-time-cheering crowd
was absolutly calm the whole song and I was just glad that I did the tour
to Spain, and if only to hear this song! 

Next days newspaper-headline was: Best dylan ever ,what to say more! 

So, it was a very strong end of my this years Bob-Tour, I`m not such a big
fan of Willie Nelson, so I hope to see Bob soon in europe again or on his
own never-ending tour in USA, please with Stu Kimball! 

Markus Schrör
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