Vancouver, British Columbia
The Orpheum
July 20, 2005

[Jay Solomon]

Review by Jay Solomon

Another great Bob performance at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre in
Vancouver. Dylan came out to a loud standing ovation wearing a western
style black suit with silver stars down the arms.  (A bit Michael
Jacksonesque.) The boys were appointed in their matching black suits
tonight.  Every song was solid and enthusiastically sung.  Highlights for
me were Blind Willie, I Want You, Absolutely Sweet Marie, Highwater, Girl
From The North Country, Love Sick, and a bring the house down epic version
of Desolation Row.  During this song a throng rushed close to the stage to
get closer and stood there to me appearing caught up in the moment of the
song.  The sound was impeccable. It might have helped that I was 13 rows
back from a bank of speakers, Dylan side of the stage.  Although on this
night I was looking at his back/and side the sound, the acoustics and
brilliant Bob delivery, made it the best B.C. performance so far.  Danny
Herron was again a stand out on pedal steel, banjo and violin. A friend
who had different seats, so I don't know if he heard it the same way I
did, thought the band was too tense and stiff.  Bob has put them on too
short of a leash and that they were intensely focused on him for clues as
to what to do next.  I agree that they are a bit stiff but to me Bob is
really focused on achieving certain sounds and song arrangements.  He
wants complete control over the performance.  By the crowd response I
think Bob's present project is working and I'll be sorry to see him go
after tonight. 

Jay S.


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