Vancouver, British Columbia
The Orpheum
July 21, 2005

[Jay Solomon]

Comments by Jay Solomon

Oh what a night. It seems to get better and better. Bob and the boys came on
late tonight but Bob seemed a bit more relaxed and was smiling from the get
go.  He was wearing a pretty simple black suit and the boy were also in
black tonight.  The highlights for me were Boots of spanish leather, I
believe in you, and down along the cove.  Great versions of moonlight, cry
awhile, honest with me, summer days. He loves playing the new songs. It aint
me babe, don't think twice, one too many mornings. What more could we have
asked for?  Great seats, impeccable sound, great show. I was seated 8th row
to the right so great face on view of Bob on the keyboard.  After 4 shows in
5 days, I'll now have to go on the Bob withdrawl methadone program.
Hopefully he won’t wait another 7 years before more Vancouver shows.

Jay S.


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