Telluride, Colorado

Town Park

July 21, 2007

[John Hopper]

Review by John Hopper

Bob Dylan & Co. returned to Telluride Town Park after a 6 year absence to
play KOTO's Doo Dah Days, much to the pleasure of anyone interested in a
300 mile radius.  To be sure, most were pleased with what the band put out
and how they put it out there. The afternoon sunshine predictably gave way
to dark clouds, rainbows & invariably rain. However, My Morning Jacket &
Mr Dylans crew had other ideas. After a smokin opening set by MMJ, Bobby
crushed out his pre-show cigarette and ascended the Town Park stage. The
crowd was very upbeat, very well behaved and gave Mr Dylan plenty to work
with. Opening with an enrgized Cats>Don't Think>River Flow>It's Allright..
the band had the volume UP and the party ensued. The tempo for the night
was all over the map. Spongy Workingman's Blues would give way to a
throttling Levee' Gonna Break followed by an elasticized Tangled Up in
Blue kept the crowd at the edge. The sound crew should be commended for
pristine acoustical delivery. There were few grey areas where you were in 
doubt what Bob was singing and how you were intended to hear it. Again, 
the band was entrusting you with lyric thru Girl of the N Country then running 
you up a tree w/ Honest w/Me. It just went that way, swingin' hits & 
lounging intervals all delivered assertively and and with intent to thrill ending 
with Hwy 61> Nettie (delightful)> Summer Days and the new sweet spot for 
Maters of War to end the set.

I know I know- Dylan is on again off again, let 'm say all they want, but you 
get this guy & his band to Telluride Town Park and you get the   real deal.

John Hopper
Crested Butte, Colorado


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