Camden, New Jersey

Susquehanna Bank Center

July 28, 2013

[Brett Rosenthal], [Nancy Hood-Boczar], [Codfish]

Review by Brett Rosenthal

"What is this shit?" No, I am not referring to the Dylan concert at the
Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey. I am referring to the
recent critical reviews and the complaints about Bob's voice. I have seen
Bob close to 30 times now. A few years back I almost gave up on the live
shows after a lousy show (may have been the sound mix). I decided to try
one last time and was (re)blown away and at that point decided to catch as
many more shows as possible. This brings us to Camden, just across the
Delaware River from Philadelphia. A great indoor/outdoor shed with pretty
good sound but not so conducive to parking and travel. 

It was a very rainy day....downpours, lightning, and thunder - and then
there was the storm...haha. Just a quick review of the concert....First
off, at this point any critic who complains about Bob's voice or not
understanding the words is just way off base. I was looking forward to the
open acts although I am not too familiar with their music. I missed Ryan
Bingham. My Morning Jacket was pretty good although I can honestly say I
could barely understand any of the lyrics (hmmm, sound familiar?), even on
a nice sounding cover of the Stone's Waiting On A Friend (an apparent
tribute to Mick's 70th). Wilco's Jeff Tweedy was a bit more
understandable, but only when the 'roots' type music was played, not
during the dissonant sections of the show (which were far too often - in
my humble opinion), and why so many guitar changes? 

Onward: First off, a lot of younger fans were present....In fact someone
asked the gentleman next to me (who adorned on his shirt a nice bust of
Bob with lyrics making up his picture), and I quote 'is that Syd Barret on
your shirt' and after learning it was Bob (how could you not know?) 'WOW!
he looks just like Jacob Dylan of the Wallflowers'. Anyway, it was a
younger crowd. I was 1 row from the front, down in the pit. 

No funny introduction.....Stu came out with the opening chords on the
acoustic guitar, sounded almost like AATW however when the rest of the
band joined in, as per the previous shows, it was Things Have Changed (I
did not see the Academy Award Statue). It was a very good rendition,
lyrics were loud and clear, Bob was center stage with some fancy footwork.
My first chills ensued. A very strong start! I always felt that Bob takes
3 songs to warm up, but he was in this one from the start. Next comes Love
Sick....a great version, Bob looking very good center stage and nailing
this one. The band was very tight with Bob nodding to the 'new' Colin
Linden to take some solos. Colin was looking for direction and
occasionally getting some from Tony. He seemed a little uncomfortable
throughout the evening, but was a pleasant addition adding some tension
and tasty guitar. I almost felt bad for him up there....with little
practice and having to follow Bob's difficult lead. He was outstanding

High Water was great; Loud and prominent Banjo from Donnie. Lots of floods
in Camden on this night. 

Things slowed a bit when Bob was behind the piano, but overall he was in
great voice. Nice sound mix. Good harmonica. Nice song choices (yes
repetitive, but a nice mix of the recent stuff (ugggh, from the past 15
years). I thought Bob's piano was a bit off....there were a few basic
solos which were adequate yet rudimentary. 

Lots of new lyrics for Tangled up in Blue, and I almost thought it fell
apart in the first stanza but George, Tony and the boys pulled it back
together very nicely. I must say that I could not catch all of the new
words and hope someone posts them at some point...... 

My first Duquesne Whistle was great! not as intricate as the studio
version, but wonderful. The band was hitting their stride, and Colin was
doing very well with some nice fills and solo (after Bob's nod) 

Blind Willie McTell was wonderful. Similar arrangement to the version at
the Martin Scorsese benefit, but not quite as tight on the stop start

Beautiful arrangement for She Belongs to Me. Bob in strong voice
throughout the night. 

Hard Rain was apropos give the weather, Bob did get a bit singsongy here.
The long final verse grew in strength (using the old Dead trick of
increasing the volume - to good effect) and was well done. 

Simple Twist of Fate, one of my favorites was wonderful as always,
although I prefer Bob on the guitar for this one. 

Summer Days, not one of my favorites, was very well done, with the band

Alas, was hoping for magic #14, but got a very good Watchtower, and then
Mr. Jones for the encore. 

With the strong rains and flooding, it was almost as if Bob and the boys
customized the setlist tonight for the weather.....oh wait, it was the
same setlist as usual. 

All and all a very good concert. Bob's voice was great! Lyrics clear for
the most part (could not understand any of My Morning Jacket's lyrics, and
a minimal amount of Wilco's) The band was ON for most of the night, a
couple of cringe moments which are always nice to see Bob and the boys
narrowly escape disaster. Can't wait for more.....keep on keepin' on Bob. 

Brett Rosenthal


Review by Nancy Hood-Boczar

Hard Rain fell in Camden, N.J. yesterday (8.5 in.). I waded across one
flooded street to get to the concert and was rewarded by finding the show
still on and air of consciousness and devotion that was palpable because
truly, only devoted music fans plowed their way through to.hear their
beloved artists.I was greeted warmly by strangers who must have identified
me as a sister because of my rain soaked pants and hair. I came for Bob.
Period. I do like the music of Ryan Bingham, My Morning Jacket and Wilco
so I want to say to their fans that I acknowledge their talent so I hope
you will not get your hair on end by what I am going to say-Bob Dylan made
them all look like amateurs. The flashing lights of Wilco and the cape of
Jim James gave the impression they  had been playing  dress up with
children's toys compared to Dylan. But, who's comparing? They actually all
had tremendous moments on stage at The Susquehanna Bank Center. I am
trying to give a perspective on Dylan's place in the American musical
landscape . If you've ever seen a movie where there were confident
men-usually they are in a bar -and they're chatting up the men and the
women amd everyone is laughing and raising toasts until the Kingpin walks
in then maybe you get the picture.  At that moment, when The Man or The
Woman  walks in people usually scatter like mice because they know for
better or worse and In this case better- The Real Deal just walked in.
When Dylan walked out  and stood strong with a hand on his hip, legs
spread wide in front of the mic and commandingly began singing Things Have
Changed - you knew the Real Deal was there. His band was tight, the vocal
mix was good and Bob came ready to play. As often as not, he stood with
just his harmonica in hand.  At those other times, he stood at the
keyboards. Most of you by now know the set list. Some of the arrangements
were similar to times in the recent past-  for example the staccato of A
Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall (how could he not play that?) but others had some
slight new twists and some had big new twists. There was slide guitar
peppered throughout which I hadn't heard recently and that gave the bluesy
numbers  such as Early Romam Kings an even more.muscular sound. I always
look and listen though,for those absolute gems that are conjured. I'm sure
we all have our own opinion regarding which songs shone the brightest. For
me, Blind Willie McTell was one of those songs. He really tinkered with
the internal sound of that and it was wonderful. I have liked other
versions just as well for different reasons but what he did with it last
night was all about his genius. It was as if this time, we were watching
the scenes unfold while we were riding by on a river steamboat. In
previous times, I watched the scenes from a muddy bank or in  a clearing
in the woods. Lovesick was dripping with all things we love about Dylan:
irony, duality, craving, detachment, anger, love, lust, suffering,
strength, honor  solitude and beauty- just to name a few familiar
elements. There were several new lines sung in Tangled Up in Blue and
Simple Twist of Fate. If anyone can remember them please post. I thought I
could remember them but was overtaken by the thrill of the moment to do
so. I could go on and give you my review if each song but instead i will
yield the space to others and ("I'll tell it and think it and speak it and
breathe it and reflect from the mountain so all souls can see it" Bob
Dylan):Dylan is still alive, still dangerous, still laying it on the line
and he has lots more in his pocket. 

Nancy Hood-Boczar
Camden, N.J.


Review by Codfish

Wow what a weekend . Two Dylan shows in home state .
I'm not good writer but since no review il do my best . After catching
bunch of shows In spring I was so happy to see bobs festival come to New
Jersey first up Highwater everywhere me and my wife Kim drove down to
Camden fairly early wanting to see Ryan Bingham again and in Hoboken and
Camden he was real good . As we got to Camden the sky dumped a deluge of
water as I saw news today Philly recieved the most rain in 24 hour periods
ever so this was no small downpour I felt horrible for the people on the
lawn as far as music love all kinds and can go to three day festival and
enjoy all the music . when bob playing I just can't wait I feel bad I
don't give that much attention to the other band s but again Ryan was a
great set booth night . In Camden Colin playing guitar . I don't know how
people put bob down for his voice he is not Maddona or U2 rehearsing and
choregraphing shows he is a true trobadour and plays every  night and
harder then any openers I hAve seen not bad for 72 . The highlight for me
in Camden were visions of Johanna where I thought bobs voice incredible .
The band and bob crushed summer days and my all time fave Sunday night was
early roman king where bob and band looking like they where haveing a ball
and to tony looked like he was going to pull strings off the bass a great
show On Friday we saw him in Hoboken with the Ny skyline behind stage a
big clock tower on building and big grassy park  what a cool site visually
it was a little crowded up front so my wife Kim decided to stay in back at
by backstage . She sent me text thinking she saw back warren Haynes head
lol  she was right on target and he came out and played with wilco love
warren and mule this summer At house blues AC thought the mule was going
to blow up the venue they played so hard . Next text my wife sends me she
see Charlie right again two for two as band began to play I saw tony and
stu looking at the lit up clock tower and just thought and wondered how
many palaces and things bob and the band have looked out at . Another
great show where as later in Camden had alot different lines in tangled up
in blue one where says he needs to find a women he can trust also in
simple twist a line about 1958 at Hoboken Jim James and Jeff tweedy came
out with Peter wolf after bob came out from behind piano and hugged Peter
laughed a little it was the happiest and most show of affection I've seen
bob give He looked reAly happy to see his old friend another great time
like I tell people when they ask me about bob and seeing so many shows I
tell them you get it or you don't I'm just great ful I and my wife get it
and are lucky to enjoy the greatest person to ever write a song thanks to
the band and bob for another couple of shows that transported us from our
problems and worries for a few hours it was great.Bob and the band safe
travels to the west and any other joint you will be headed to.



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