Perth, Australia

Riverside Theatre

August 13, 2014

[Sean Tanner], [Aaron Gosper]

Review by Sean Tanner


Prior to this evenings show, I once again reflected on the previous
Australian shows I had seen through the years

1992 Perth Entertainment Centre
One of the most amazing performances ive seen. Did Dylan really play the
Hendrix song "Dolly Dagger!@ This was my first Dylan show and made a last
impression. He was captivating and when it was just him and his guitar I
was transported to the intimacy of those early club shows in the 1960s.

1998 Australian Tour Melbourne x2, Sydney x 2 + Wollongong
This was Dylan at his best. Each show was unique but the first Sydney show
was the best concert ive been to as I secured front row centre stage a few
feet from my idol. Listening to the band through the stage speakers/stacks
instead of the house PA was one of the greatest aural experiences of my
life. This was a great tour and well worth the expense of seeing and
travelling to 5 shows!    

2001 Perth Entertainment Centre POSTING ON EXPECTING RAIN
"All in All, a great start to the Oz tour especially as there was no front
of stage standing allowed. Highlights: MR TAMBOURINE MAN, JUST LIKE A

2003 Claremont
The 2003 Australian Tour featured Bill Burnette on guitar and a consistent
set list which seemed to be structured to suit him (he seem to struggle
badly). Bob himself was on piano and overall it was disappointing even
though the venue meant I could get nice and close (I did get to see Ray
Charles perform on that day so that was the memory that stayed with me).

2007 Burswood Dome, Perth POSTING ON EXPECTING RAIN
"Dylan has once more my friends taken me to another level. The depth and
the complexity of the performance by his band and himself was something I
cant recall witnessing before. But it is interesting that this was more
evident when he went on keyboards".

2011 Fremantle Blues & Roots Festival POSTING ON EXPECTING RAIN

"Sorry Guys, but it was a disappointment. I had marvelled at the
complexity, depth and beauty of the 2007 show but the Fremantle 2011
contained few standouts and " I hope that this was just an off night but
as said just found this show as being the most disappointing Dylan show
ive been too".

So how does Bob visited Perth in 2014 stack? 

Well im pleased to say beyond expectations! This was the best Dylan
performance ive seen period matching that special night in Sydney 2008
when I managed to secure front of stage centre metres from my idol.

The Perth Convention Centre surprized me as being a nice intimate venue
and well suited to hearing this touring band. Thanks to a friend, I
managed to be sitting in the 2nd row,  left of centre (opposite side to
Bobs piano unfortunately) .

At tonights performance every song was a standout in its own right. the
band is just so tight and imaginative, I just sat back and moved through
each band member enjoying the role they played in the montage of sound. It
really is inspiring hearing the quality of this musicianship in such an
intimate setting.

Ive not really enjoyed Dylan being solely on keyboards during past tours
but this time the experience was different. What was different? I think
its because I heard a change in his keyboard playing, those loverly guitar
runs that he did during the tours of the 90 seem to be now replicated  on
keyboard and how I love it!

Bobs voice  is seemed to be back to the strength it showed during 98 and
01 Australian tours in particular. The lean to newer material has I
thinked created this feeling - the songs have obviously been created to
suit his older vocal range and it certainly works.

This is not to say that he doesnt handle the older material well - tonight
we were treated to standout versions of Tangled Up In Blue and Simple
Twist  of Fate, its more that i find the the newer material doesnt stretch
his vocals for the whole evening.

As said, every song was great tonight but a special mention must be made
to "Things Must Change" which kicked the set of - best Ive heard it and I
loved how it started with Stu Kimball started the number on acoustic

Bob - last nights performance was stunning, thank you for still doing what
you do so well and bringing your band to our Australian shores for us to

Sean Tanner


Review by Aaron Gosper

Three loud gongs sound at the stroke of 8pm and the crowd erupts with
applause as in the semi darkness onstage, shapes wander to the sound of
Stu Kimball's guitar. We have been waiting with anticipation and a bit of
trepidation because who knew what we would get. By all accounts Mr Dylan
has been in fine voice but by whose standards. I'd pay to see him read
poetry! Some media have commented on how his voice is shot and this was
evident on the last tour here although the free for all singalong at the
Fremantle Blues & Roots Festival was a hoot, this small venue was very
different. Things Have Changed! And have they ever. His Bobness is in
beautiful voice, piano playing and harp blowing are lovely. The band is a
little still but the sound is crystal clear. You can hear all the band as
tight as ever. She Belongs To Me has Bob centre stage, his face hidden
behind 4 microphones but the sound from him is beautiful. There are many
highlights so I won't go song by song. Working Man's Blues #2 is a
favourite of mine but surely I wasn't the only one with a tear in the eye?
Best version ever. If there has to be a low point then Waiting For You was
it. A bit muddled I thought. But then a rockin' Duquesne Whistle had the
band in full force. Better that the album for sure. Man that Charlie
Sexton can play. Pay In Blood had Padre Bob up front delivering a fire and
brimstone sermon. Outstanding. Follow this by a caressing Tangled Up In
Blue with alternate lyrics. Completely different feel to that classic.
Finish the half with a banging Love Sick. Bob said something like "Thanks
everyone. We're gonna take a short break." But I didn't catch the exact
words. The second half just got better and better with Scarlet Town and
Long And Wasted Years awesome. Encore was Watchtower and Blowin' In The
Wind which was so good that I felt the same as when I first heard it and
it changed my life when I was 10. Sad that this song is so relevant still.
The Bobfather is much more than a song and dance man but tonight he
delivered on that self label. Maybe the dancing was a minor part of the
show but the songs made up for it. Can't wait till tomorrow night when I
can share this with 9 others of my family and friends. Australia, you are
in for a treat. Don't You Dare Miss It!

Aaron Gosper


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