Richmond, Virginia
The Diamond
August 15, 2004

[Michael Ruppe]

Review by Michael Ruppe

I'll limit this review to Bob's portion of the show, since this is Bob's
site. The set started off with a nice version of Down Along The Cove. The
crowd was immediately into it & on went the show. Bob's voice was
particularly smooth tonight. It needed to be with the sweet, somber &
surprising I Shall Be Released. Definitely a highlight of the night. The
other personal highlight of this set was Country Pie. Larry, Tony & the
boys all seemed to enjoy playing this one especially. I don't know how
often they play this, so maybe that gave it some added energy. Blind
Willie McTell made it's way back into the playlist. I don't believe Bob's
played that one too much since the '98 Tour. Highway 61 had some words &
verses mixed up throughout, but it's hard to go wrong with a song that
makes everyone jump up & down. I'm still trying to get used to the new
breaks in It Ain't Me, Babe, so I'll leave that one for you to judge.
Summer Days still hits hard & I think it has a greater effect on the first
time Dylan concertgoers, than we who've been spoiled enough to have seen
Bob many times. Like A Rolling Stone & Watchtower where solid & overall it
was a good show. It was the kind of show that left a smile on your face,
but left you wishing you had tickets to tomorrow's gig, just to see what
he'd play. It's been eight years since Bob played Richmond, & here's to
hoping we'll see him again soon!

Michael Ruppe 


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